KoD: Honey in the Tea

Egwene POV#

Egwene meets with the Salidar Aes Sedai Sitters in Tel'aran'rhiod and passes orders for no rescue. She begins her first morning in the White Tower with a spanking from Silviana, embracing the pain as Aviendha taught her. Melare confirmed Leane's identity. As she leaves she sees Alviarin waiting for her turn with Silviana. Two Red sisters escort her to her room then to the dining hall for breakfast. Nicola sees her. Another novice, Alvistere, intentionally trips her but Egwene puts her in her place. Laras is in the kitchen. She helped Siuan and Leane escape but Egwene thinks she did it mostly for Min. After breakfast two more Red sisters, Katerine and Jezrail, wait for her with more forkroot tea. In her first novice class she embarrasses Idrelle Menford by making fourteen colored balls and circles of Air and Fire. Katerine and Jezrail send her to Silviana again. After two more classes with Accepted teachers she only has private lessons with Aes Sedai.

That first afternoon, Bennae Nalsad lectures on Shein Chunla and the Third War of Garen's Wall, the Great Winter War between Andor and Cairhien, and the Weikin Rebellion. Egwene shocks her with secret information on Shein, the Thirteenth Depository in the library, and six previous rebellions in the White Tower. Later that day Lirene Doirellin makes it clear that she thinks Elaida made mistakes. Later in the week Egwene discusses Shemerin's demotion with Pritalle Nerbaijan. Another day she has a lesson with Serancha Colvine. After a frustrating session, Adelorna Bastine says she thinks even Cadsuane would have a challenge with Egwene. That day Egwene receives Healing twice. Another day she has a lesson with Kiyoshi.

The second night and most nights thereafter she goes to visit Leane. Felaana and Dalevien stand guard with one Warder. She has many visitors wanting to learn the new weaves. Melare and Desala gave her a beating.

All the Aes Sedai, even Sitters, seem distracted. Pevara Tazanovni and Doesine Alwain almost run into her. She wants to find the ferrets that Sheriam and the others sent; she knows their names but not their faces. She is shocked at confirmation that sisters swore fealty to Rand and that Asha'man bonded sisters. There are ghosts and changes in the White Tower signifying the approach of Tarmon Gai'don. Pedra and her novice class lose their room. There are a hundred and three novices and thirty-one Accepted in the White Tower.

Starting the second day, the novices' attitudes begin to change. Nicola and Areina, who works in the stables, tell the novices tales of Egwene making her a legend like Birgitte or Amaresu. Some of the novices try to emulate Egwene but Silviana quickly sets them straight by the fourth day. She becomes a mentor to some such as Marah and Namene and Coride. Accepted such as Mair and Asseil try to give her orders but she refuses to obey.

On the morning of her second day Alviarin offers to help her escape but Egwene declines.

On the fourth day she runs into Mattin Stepaneos escorted by Cariandre and Nesita. He thinks Elaida saved him because Rand murdered other nobles. Egwene tells him that Rahvin killed Morgase, Colavaere hanged herself and Rand supports Elayne for the Lion Throne and Sun Throne. He appointed a High Lord as steward in Tear. Mattin Stepaneos looks thoughtful.

On the seventh day she runs into Melavaire Someinellin and Beonin with their Warder. Egwene angrily accuses Beonin of betraying her and being Black Ajah. Melavaire is infuriated but Beonin asks to talk with Egwene alone. Beonin claims she betrayed nothing, her oath no longer holds since Egwene was captured. Egwene asks her what all she betrayed. Beonin starts to deny betrayal but chokes. Egwene interprets this to mean she is not Black Ajah but she betrayed the moles.[1] Beonin admits that Elaida is having them watched. Egwene orders Beonin to warn them. She says she already warned Meidani and Jennet but it is too risky to talk to other Ajahs. Egwene orders her to do it as a penance and Beonin reluctantly agrees. She says she wants to bring Elaida down. That evening she goes to visit Leane where three White Ajah sisters, Nagora, Norine and Miyasi, stand guard. She tells Leane about Beonin. Other sisters still quiz Leane about new weaves so they interpret that to mean Beonin did not betray everything.[4]

Egwene has not had headaches or bad dreams since she was captured[2] but she has had fine dreams about Rand, Mat, Perrin and Gawyn.[3]

The morning of her ninth day Doesine Heals Egwene, then she goes for her morning spanking with Silviana. She engages Silviana in a conversation about Shemerin. Egwene goes down to breakfast and all the novices stand when she enters. Ashelin runs to get her a tray. She sips her tea; there is honey in it. Adding everything together, Egwene is winning her war.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] In fact, Beonin did betray everything. (KoD,Ch2)
[#2] Because Halima is no longer close enough to touch her dreams. (KoD,Ch3)
[#3] No indication of the content of these dreams.
[#4] The questioning continues because Elaida strictly limited who may be taught the new weaves. (KoD,Ch2)

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