TPoD: A Cup of Sleep

Min POV#

Rand is in the throne room with Min and Fedwin Morr. He has been sulking since early morning when Taim brought news from Caemlyn[1] that Elayne tore down his banners. Min says he has hardly mentioned Mat, but Rand replies that he is certain Mat is alive. Sorilea enters bringing five of the prisoner Aes Sedai saying they have asked to serve him.[2] They are Elza Penfell, Nesune Bihara, Sarene Nemdahl, Beldeine Nyram, and Erian Boroleos. Min has several viewings:

Min tells Rand of this last viewing and it satisfies him. He lets them swear loyalty to him. Min wishes she had one of Fel's books with her to read. As Sorilea leaves, she tells Rand that Cadsuane is back in the palace. Rand asks Min to go with him to see her. They leave the room with Morr passing Somara and the other five Maidens standing guard.[4]

There is a great explosion. Min looks up from the floor to see that the Maidens are gone and the throne room and Rand's apartments are destroyed.[5] Rand tells Morr to take Min to the servants' quarters and guard her with his life.

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Rand POV#

Rand felt saidin and wonders if the attack was Demandred or perhaps Asmodean returned. The weave came from different directions. For an instant he sees a shimmering, unrecognizable face. Lews Therin says he should have sent Ilyena away. Alanna has been away from the palace all morning. He weaves Folded Light from Fire and Air rendering himself invisible and begins to look for his attackers. He adds Somara of the Bent Peak Daryne to the list of women who died for him. Cadsuane passes by with six other Aes Sedai he does not recognize.[6] Ailil looks out of a room and sees him. Shalon is with her in her rooms. Rand ties them up and shields Shalon. From a balcony Rand sees Gedwyn, Rochaid and Dashiva. Gedwyn says "... telling you I felt nothing. He's dead." Dashiva spots him, snarls, and throws fireballs at him. Rand weaves an impenetrable cocoon from Air, Fire and Earth. He then weaves Fire and Air to shoot laser wires back at his attackers. He carefully circles around and finds the courtyard deserted. There are no bodies. Rand feels a man channel enough for a gateway. He spots Narishma and fires at him. He and Flinn refuse to come out and head the other way. Rand continues to search for hours.[7]

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Min POV#

Rand is in the cellar room with Min and Fedwin Morr. Fedwin has gone mad and now has the mind of a small child. Rand has brought a large leather bag with all that he salvaged from his rooms.[5] Min has the laurel crown. Taim arrives and reports that Torval, Gedwyn, Rochaid and Kisman have deserted.[8] Rand gives a cup of poison to Fedwin. He tells Taim to add Dashiva to the list; Taim is surprised and angry. Rand tells Taim to leave and not come back because he will be moving about for awhile. Taim leaves and Rand and Min prepare to leave.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So this scene follows the second scene of WH,Prologue where Taim visits Elayne in Caemlyn.
[#2] This is almost certainly the result of Verin's Compulsion. (TPoD,Prologue)
[#3] She will bond Karldin Manfor. (KoD,Ch27)
[#4] Another of the Maidens is Jendhilin. (WH,Ch34)
[#5] Rand retrieves the access keys and Callandor from his demolished quarters.
[#6] Who are they? Rand knows Corele, Daigian, Niande and Samitsu.
[#7] The attack on Rand is very difficult to completely explain. For a discussion see the FAQ, Section 1.4.10. The most likely explanation is that Moridin changed his plans after learning from Torval that Rand intends to cleanse the taint on saidin. (TPoD,Ch14)
[#8] The same four that Taim called by name to accompany him from Dumai's Wells. (ACoS,Ch2) They were acting under Taim's orders and this is their punishment for failure. (WH,Ch22)

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