TPoD: A Quiet Place

Elayne POV#

Elayne and the procession arrive at the farm. They are met by Alise who runs the farm. There are only women at the farm; the Kin do not marry. Berowin is there and brought word of their coming. Some of the women of the farm recognize them as Aes Sedai and a panic ensues. It takes the Warder a while to calm things down. The Windfinders are saddle sore. Garenia Rosoinde is also there. Elayne wonders some more about agelessness.

Vandene and Adeleas want to start questioning Ispan. She claims Elaida sent her! Elayne wants to question her because Tower law is too restrictive, but Vandene convinces her to let to two elder sisters do the questioning.[1]

Elayne has trained some sisters in recognizing ter'angreal. She and Aviendha find the following - a jewelry set meant to be worn together, a dull dagger with a gold wrapped horn hilt, lots more jewelry, statuettes of birds and animals and people, more knives, a thick red rod which feels warm, a set of metal balls and a glass blacksmith's puzzle. Aviendha handles the dull dagger and seems curiously affected by it.[2] There are also two more angreal - a gold bracelet and rings, stronger than the amber turtle,[3] and an ivory statuette of seated woman, weaker than amber turtle.

Nynaeve Heals the Sea Folk of riding bruises. It is time to use the Bowl of the Winds.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is there some more sinister reason that the two want Ispan to themselves? All the evidence says no.
[#2] Aviendha will discover that she has the ability to "read" the purpose of ter'angreal. (KoD,Ch15) Does this account for her odd behavior in the next chapter?
[#3] These are the only three angreal in the Ebou Dari stash. (TPoD,Ch20)

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