TPoD: A Simple Country Woman

Perrin POV#

They all return to the camp where there are about nine hundred Winged Guards, about three hundred Two Rivers men, about three hundred of Lord Dobraine's people, more Wise Ones and gai'shain, and Maidens led by Sulin. Masuri is also there. Edarra, Nevarin, Seonid and the Warder head toward her. Berelain has two maids and two thief-catchers with her.[1]

Maighdin is angry about the Manetheren banner. She reminds Perrin of Elayne.[2] He says Rand plans to put Elayne on the throne. Maighdin is angry again saying the throne is Elayne's by right, not by Rand.

Aram takes the men and Faile takes the women to clean up. As they leave Perrin calls Gill by name shocking all of them. Gill says they were on business in Lugard, then problems chased them here. Lini returns and says her group was in service in Murandy till the house was burned. Gill says they were in Amador when the Seanchan invaded. This is news to Perrin. Lini tells Perrin he should marry Tallanvor and Maighdin!

Perrin leaves to go back to his tent. Faile has twenty Tairen and Cairhienin attendants who imitate the Aiel. Three guarding the tent are Lacile, Arrela and Parelean. Faile offers to make Maighdin and her group her servants. She accepts and leaves to tell the others. Perrin tells her about the Seanchan. He wants to send Grady or Neald to warn Rand, but Rand insisted on absolute secrecy. Faile says Rand must have heard by now. She suggests flaunting the Manetheren banner to hide their true intent and he likes the idea. They begin studying maps.

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Faile POV#

That night Faile sneaks out of the tent. There is a gibbous moon. She wonders if her mother, Deira ni Ghaline, has as much trouble managing her husband. She passes the new group who are still awake and they see her. She meets with her group who have sworn fealty to her and call themselves Cha Faile - the "Falcon's Talon" in the Old Tongue. That morning she had sent ten of them to scout Bethal. Selande, Meralda and Camaille report that Alliandre is staying at Lord Telabin's palace. Selande is second in command. Faile gives them new instructions for Bethal.

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Morgase Trakand POV#

Morgase watches Faile go back. She is calling herself Maighdin Dorlain, Maighdin for her mother and Dorlain for a family on one of her estates. Tallanvor comes over. Lini told him that she abdicated. She thinks Elayne is still in the White Tower and wants to protect her from Rand. Tallanvor kisses her.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The maids are Nana and Rosene. The thief-catchers are Gendar and Santes. Why did she bring the thief-catchers?
[#2] Surprise!

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