TPoD: Tangles

Perrin POV#

Next morning Perrin awakens to Faile, Aram and his new servants. Faile leaves with Balwer and Gill. The other five enter the tent. Perrin sees Grady and Neald nearby practicing swords. Flann Barstere from up toward Watch Hill brings him breakfast. He heads off with Aram and talks to several Two Rivers men including Jondyn Barran and Jori Congar. He wants to help with the horses, Stepper and Stayer, but the farriers, Falton, Aemin and Jerasid, would be insulted. Gill comes up saying Faile assigned him to be shambayan and he is going into Bethal to get some Two Rivers tabac and other fine goods. He is going with Tallanvor, Lamgwin and some of Faile's retainers.[1]

Balwer comes up and Gill leaves. Balwer offers to serve as secretary and information source. He tells Perrin that he knows a lot about the Seanchan and Whitecloaks and that Masema is in Abila forty leagues south. He warns Perrin about Valda and Asunawa. Balwer leaves and Perrin sends Aram to make friends with the new servants. Perrin heads to the Mayene camp to talk to the Wise Ones about the Aes Sedai. Havien Nurelle reports that Berelain has not yet returned.

At the Wise Ones tents Sulin meets him, pleased that he has come to the Wise Ones. She is confused that Teryl Wynter and Furen Alharra would shame Seonid by offering to take her punishment for her. Perrin enters the tent and all six Wise Ones, Carelle, Delora, Edarra, Janina, Marline and Nevarin, are waiting. All look young. They tell him that Masema Dagar is a danger to Rand and must die. Three dreamwalkers have said so. He brings up the Aes Sedai and they tell him to mind his own business. Seonid enters and tells him to mind his own business. With the Wise Ones' permission, she tells Perrin that she has seen what the Dragonsworn do[2] and agrees the Prophet has to go. They tell him that Masuri Sokawa thinks Masema can be controlled. They send Seonid off to one of the gai'shain, Gharadin, to ask him if he will let her Heal a wound. She leaves and Perrin settles down for a long discussion.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Cha Faile off on their secret mission.
[#2] Evidently on the trek from Salidar to Caemlyn.

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