TSR: Whirlpools in the Pattern

Perrin POV#

It is two weeks since the end of The Dragon Reborn. Perrin and Faile are in Perrin's quarters in the Stone of Tear. Perrin thinks Faile's father is a fur trader. She is becoming friends with Bain and Chiad. Perrin has grown a beard, but does not like it. Faile is trying to talk him into leaving. She tells him he does not have to stay just because Moiraine wants him to. A cock crows. Suddenly, Perrin's axe comes alive and tries to kill him. He grabs it and holds it at bay while he shoves Faile out the door. He struggles with the axe a while longer, then slams it into the door and it goes dead. Faile is terrified for him at first, then angry.[1] Perrin thinks Rand unintentionally caused the attack.[2]

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Mat POV#

Mat is playing cards with some young Tairen lords, Baran, Carlomin, Edorion, Estean and Reimon. Mat has been intending to leave the Stone of Tear but stays because he keeps winning. Thom and Perrin seem to have settled in to the Stone. Reimon notes that a Sea Folk raker arrived today.[3] Estean who is drunk mentions the Aiel, threatening to put a damper on the evening. Mat has a good hand and wants to keep playing so he livens the mood by telling them how Rhuarc tricked him into asking Bain to play Maiden's Kiss.[4] All the young lords are uncomfortable with Rand's proclamations giving commoners more rights. Edorion changes the topic asking Estean if he will marry one of Astoril's daughters. Estean says maybe Medore, she has pretty maids. Edorion heard a rumor that Rand will take them to war against Illian. Mat draws a perfect hand and mutters to himself. Estean tells him he spoke in the Old Tongue again. A cock crows. The figures in Mat's cards come to life and attack him. He throws his daggers at them and suddenly they are just cards again, pinned to the wall with his daggers. The Tairen lords beat a hasty retreat and Mat angrily blames Rand.[2]

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Rand POV#

Rand dreams of Moiraine controlling him and the Forsaken and Darkfriends chasing him. Elayne and Min try to seduce him while Egwene looks on sadly. His hand begins to rot.

He wakes with a start and realizes there is someone in his room. He leaps to his feet holding his One Power sword, but then sees that his visitor is Berelain. She tries to seduce him. He finally gets angry and boxes her in a cage of Air. He ties off the flow not realizing what he is doing and studies what he just did. He has been reading a book by Eban Vandes called The History of the Stone of Tear. Berelain apologizes for being too forward and Rand accepts. A cock crows. Rand's images step out of all the mirrors in the room and attack him. The images try to suck the life out of him. Finally, after being wounded many times, he figures out how to channel to absorb them. Rand thinks one of the Forsaken is responsible.[2] Rand picks up Callandor, then realizes Berelain has been very quiet. She is now terrified. He releases her and she apologizes again and leaves. He sits on the bed to think.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is the beginning of Perrin's tough times dealing with Faile that last until The Path of Daggers.
[#2] It was a random bubble of evil. (TSR,Ch3)
[#3] This is probably the Wavedancer.
[#4] Another Maiden who participates is Dorindha.


Rand and His Reflections by Mark Bray

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