TSR: Out of the Stone

Rand POV#

At midday Rand leads the Aiel, Moiraine, Lan, Mat and Egwene eastward out of the Stone of Tear. Egwene rides Mist. Moiraine rides Aldieb. Lan rides Mandarb. Mat is riding a horse he named Pips. The Aiel, led by Rhuarc, have a great deal of booty that they took from the Stone of Tear. Aviendha explained Aiel custom of taking 'the fifth.' Rand named his horse Jeade'en which means True Finder in the Old Tongue. He chose the name because that was the name of Jain Farstrider's horse. Egwene wants to talk to him about Elayne. She says Elayne's letters should explain her feelings. Rand is mightily confused because the two letters were completely opposite. Moiraine and Lan ride up. Moiraine is angry that Rand hid Perrin's leaving from her. Rand thinks that he knows his fate.[1] Rand tells them they will use a Portal Stone to get to the Aiel Waste. Egwene and Moiraine both heard about the previous Portal Stone excursion from Verin.[2] Rand has been very busy in the library. In The Killers of the Black Veil by Soran Milo he read that there is a Portal Stone near Rhuidean. He also read that there are four in Tear. They are heading to the nearest. When they get in the vicinity, Rhuarc orders six of the Aiel societies, Red Shields, Brothers of the Eagle, Water Seekers, Maidens of the Spear, Black Eyes and Thunder Walkers, to spread out to look. Aviendha finds the Portal Stone. She is mad at Rand because she thinks he treated Elayne badly. Rhuarc points out two symbols on the Portal Stone that were used for Rhuidean in old writings. He says there is another Portal Stone on Chaendaer near Rhuidean. Mat flips a coin and Rand chooses as well. They both choose the same symbol. Rand brings out a little fat man and tells them it is a male angreal he found in the Great Holding. He recalls what both Verin and Lanfear told him about Portal Stone. He has everyone gather as close to the Portal Stone as they can, then he channels at the selected symbol.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] From one of his answers from the Aelfinn. (TSR,Ch15)
[#2] Apparently Moiraine and Verin talked after Falme before they split up.

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