TSR: Strings

Thom Merrilin POV#

Thom is in his room in the Stone of Tear. He is forging a note from High Lord Carleon to Lady Alteima, the wife of the High Lord Tedosian saying her husband suspects, but he means for Tedosian to find it.[1] Thom is in the full swing of the Game of Houses. He has taken a room near the servants' quarters so the High Lords will not associate him with Rand. He is trying to take down the High Lords that he thinks are the biggest threats to Rand. He has stayed in Tear helping Rand to pay off a fifteen year old debt.[2] There is a knock and Thom opens the door to Mat. Mat tells him about the attack of the cards. Mat says he intends to leave Tear, but he keeps finding reasons to stay. Thom realizes that it is the ta'veren effect of the three boys, but Mat does not want to hear it. He convinces Mat to stay at least until morning.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] And Tedosian will "accidentally" kill Carleon while hunting. (TSR,Ch17)
[#2] His nephew, Owyn, being gentled and left to die.

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