TSR: Deceptions

Thom Merrilin POV#

The morning after the attack Thom is still up. He continues to sow discord, implying that the High Lords were negligent in letting the Trollocs attack. He returns to his room to find Moiraine waiting. He thinks she is beautiful.[1] She tries to Heal his knee, but it has been too long. She comments that High Lord Carleon was "accidentally" killed by Tedosian.[2] Then Tedosian fell ill after his wife gave him a glass of wine. Thom feigns innocence, then Moiraine tells him how much she really knows about him. He was known as the Gray Fox when he was Court bard at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. He was Morgase' lover for a while after Taringail died. That was fortunate, indeed, as Taringail had plotted her death to make himself the first king of Andor.[3] He then tells what he knows of her. Moiraine was Taringail's youngest half-sister and King Laman's niece. He then asks what she wants. She tells him she wants him to accompany Elayne and Nynaeve to Tanchico. She tells him that he will survive and that she will see him again.[4] In return, she will supply the names of the Red sisters who gentled Owyn and those who gave the order.[5] He is overcome with emotion and asks her to leave. She does.

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Min POV#

Min strolls into the garden to practice her embroidery. Laras has taken her under her wing and seems intent on teaching her to be flirtatious. She is supposedly sheltering in the White Tower to escape two suitors, Darvan and Goemal. Gawyn and Galad walk up. Galad has been reading The Way of the Light by Lothair Mantelar and thinks he was a great man even if the Whitecloaks are now sometimes excessive. They have noticed that Siuan speaks to Elmindreda every day and ask if she has mentioned anything about Elayne or Egwene. She says no. Logain walks by and she has a viewing:

  • Logain - a flaring halo around his head, radiant in gold and blue. It shouted of glory and power to come.

She says she has to leave and Gawyn accompanies her. She chews him out about asking after girls. "Elmindreda" never met them. Gawyn is concerned about the rumors coming from Tear about a false Dragon taking the Stone. Gawyn says Eamon Valda gave Galad the book. She leaves Gawyn and goes to the Amyrlin's study and finds Siuan and Leane there. Leane is now in on who she is, so she tells them about her viewing. Siuan adds that to the list of things she worries about - starvation in Cairhien. An Aes Sedai missing in Tarabon.[6] Trolloc raids increasing in the Borderlands. Someone calling himself the Prophet stirring up riots in Ghealdan. War in Arad Doman stopping trade from Saldaea, which might dethrone Tenobia. One piece of good news is that the Blight has retreated two miles.[7] Min asks again to be allowed to leave, but Siuan refuses saying Min has had very helpful viewings:

  • A groom - he was stealing.
  • A fire-haired novices and a guard - they would be married soon. There was a farm in that pair's future, and a swarm of children.

Min asks if she can tell Gawyn and Galad something about Elayne and Egwene. She replies that she will have Coulin work them harder. Rumors from Tear started two days ago. There is a knock and a novices delivers two messages that came by pigeon. The first is that Mazrim Taim has escaped and two Aes Sedai killed. It happened at the village of Denhuir on the Maradon Road east of the Black Hills above the headwaters of the Antaeo River and Luan River. Siuan tells Leane to send a dozen Aes Sedai and a thousand guards after him and to gentle him immediately.[8] She cannot risk another Guaire Amalasan. The second message is from Moiraine. The Stone of Tear has fallen and Rand has taken Callandor.[9] Siuan orders a meeting of the Hall immediately so she can make the announcement.

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Sahra Covenry POV#

Sahra Covenry is working on Mistress Moira Elward's farm. An Aes Sedai approaches and asks her about Elmindreda. When she says she remembers nothing she is suddenly wracked with pain. She says Elmindreda spoke to Gawyn, but that was all. Unfortunately, this answer is not sufficient. When the Aes Sedai leaves, there is no one alive.[10]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] More foreshadowing of an eventual relationship between the two.
[#2] The results of Thom's activities. (TSR,Ch4)
[#3] The implication is that Thom killed Taringail. By Thom's reaction the implication is correct.
[#4] Moiraine knows a lot about her own future from Min's viewings and her trip through the twisted red doorway. Is this related to the "other small thing" she knows about the future in her letter to Rand in TFoH,Ch53? We also learn more in ToM,Ch57.
[#5] Early speculation was that this information is in the letter that Moiraine gives to Rand (TFoH,Ch52, TFoH,Ch53) who gives it to Mat (LoC,Ch33) who finally delivers it to Thom. (LoC,Ch40) This turns out not to be the case. (KoD,Ch10)
[#6] We never learn her identity.
[#7] No evidence if this is continued effect from the use of the Eye of the World or something else.
[#8] There is never any word on what happens to this expedition.
[#9] Moiraine sent numerous messages. They must have been intercepted. (TSR,Ch6)
[#10] Sahra's Black Ajah assailant is never identified. The most popular candidate is Alviarin but there is no direct evidence of the killer's identity.

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