TSR: Hard Heads

Elayne POV#

Elayne nervously tells Rand how she feels about him and he nervously does the same. She asks him to kiss her and it lasts a long time. She is determined not to let Berelain have him. She wonders if Min had a viewing about who Rand would choose. Rand apologizes again for scaring them. She asks if he is sorry about the pinch, but he refuses to apologize for that saying they deserved it. For being honest she soothes his pinch, about the most she can do with Healing. Gaul knocks on the door then enters announcing the High Lords. They enter and Elayne makes her departure. Seeing Rand among the High Lords, she realizes that he has a commanding presence much like Gareth Bryne. She leaves thinking that she has four days left to question Amico and Joiya and four days left to make Rand hers and not Berelain's.

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Rand POV#

Rand muses about Elayne while the High Lords talk. He likes both Elayne and Min and is confused about his feelings. The High Lords include Sunamon, Carleon, Tedosian and Meilan. Sunamon is diffident. Carleon and Tedosian do not look at each other. From Thom's notes, Rand recognizes this as a subtle sign of tension between them. Meilan openly resents his position. Rand orders them to lower taxes and to hire ships from Mayene to ship grain to Illian.[1] He settles in for a long argument with them. He cannot understand their attitudes toward other nations as Emond's Field, Deven Ride and Watch Hill always help out each other in times of trouble.

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Egwene POV#

As Egwene walks from Rand's chambers she considers Amico and Joiya. Mat joins her. He is quiet, so Egwene asks if he is still bothered by the trouble last night. Egwene complains that they hardly see him any more. He complains that the last time he saw them they came to his room, tied him up and searched his belongings to find the Amyrlin's letter. Besides they spend their time with Elayne and Moiraine. Finally Mat breaks down and asks her for advice on what to do. He wants to leave but cannot. He is worried about his memory loss and his Old Tongue attacks. She says she cannot help, but winds up telling him about the twisted red doorway. She warns him of its dangers. Mat insists again that he wants nothing to do with the One Power. He promises he will not leave and adds that he will not use the twisted red doorway unless his life depends on it.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Rand will probably forget this order, but it will come back to pay huge dividends. (ACoS,Ch41)

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