ToM: An Open Gate

Perrin POV#

Seonid gives her report on Cairhien to Perrin and Faile. The Sun Throne is still empty but Elayne has the throne in Andor. Rand is probably in Arad Doman. Edarra confirms that he sent the Aiel there. From his visions Perrin knows this is right. King Darlin is gathering troops in Tear. Perrin says they will be going to Andor. Alliandre wonders if her troops will be welcome and Perrin tells her that she is staying in Jehannah. Arganda wants to know what Perrin will do about the Whitecloaks. Annoura thinks an alliance with the Seanchan would be good going into the Last Battle. Edarra is angry that the Seanchan have chained Wise Ones. If there is an alliance with the Seanchan it will end when the Car'a'carn is done and there will be blood feud.[1]

Grady also sent some Maidens to Caemlyn. They wanted to check facts since one of the Forsaken had been there. Perrin agrees saying it was Rahvin impersonating Lord Gaebril. There is a crash as Maighdin drops a tray looking stunned. Sulin confirms the story. Maighdin asks to be excused and leaves.

Seonid finishes the report. Perrin says he stands by his decision. They will deal with the Whitecloaks then go to Andor to talk to Elayne. Grady is well and Neald almost is. Perrin wants to start sending his followers home but Tam says many are training and want to join Perrin's army. Arganda says many of the gai'shain are now good fighters. Gallenne is eager to attack the Whitecloaks. Perrin tells Balwer to write a letter to them telling them to pick a place for battle. The meeting breaks up and Faile and Berelain leave together.[2]

Balwer stays. He confirms that Rand has planned a meeting with the Seanchan. He also has pictures of Mat and Perrin. Someone will pay well to see them dead.[3] Perrin asks about Balwer's past and he allows that his previous employer was killed by the Whitecloaks.[4] He offers Balwer a raise but Balwer says working for Perrin is reward enough.

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Ituralde POV#

Trollocs are overwhelming Ituralde's army and pushing it back to Maradon. Lidrin charges into the Trollocs and is cut down. Ituralde rides Dawnweave. Ankaer takes over Lidrin's command. Whelborn and Lehynen die defending Ituralde. Someone sounds retreat and there is more chaos. He orders Helmke and Cutaris to get to Durhem's cavalry with orders to attack and sends Kappre to do the same with Alin's cavalry. He sends Sorrentin to get the Asha'man. Myrddraal and Draghkar arrive, but the Asha'man attack with Fire. Staven and Rett die. Asha'man Tymoth burns some of the siege equipment. Dawnweave falls breaking Ituralde's leg. The gates of Maradon open and horsemen ride out to rescue. The last of his guard, Barettal and Connel, are alive. The Saldaean commander is Yoeli. He grimly tells Ituralde that this rescue will probably cost him his life.[5]

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Morgase POV#

Morgase is stunned by the revelation about Gaebril. Taringail had tried to use her. Valda as well. Tallanvor finds her to say he is going to Tear. Thom and Gareth Bryne loved her, but not like Tallanvor. She tells him about Rahvin. She asks him not to leave yet and he agrees.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This could be real and it could be dire. (ToM,Ch49)
[#2] Working on their sham friendship.
[#3] Ultimately this is the work of Moghedien and Cyndane. (TGS,Prologue)
[#4] True, though Pedron Niall was the Lord Captain Commander himself!
[#5] We find out why in ToM,Ch24.

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