ToM: A Making

Perrin POV#

The camp is settled near Whitebridge and Perrin has time to think. He thinks he failed and wishes he could kill Slayer. He lost Hopper. Faile comforts him that he did destroy the dreamspike. A group waits nearby including Alliandre, Berelain, Arganda, Gallenne, Elyas, Gaul and a dozen Two Rivers men including Wil al'Seen, Jon Ayellin and Grayor Frenn. Perrin worries about what he might have left behind. He goes to Arganda who sends Hirshanin for a map of the Jehannah Road.

He hears a farrier working and follows the sound to where Aemin is working. Hirshanin arrives with the map and Arganda points out a superb place for an ambush a few hours east of the Whitecloak camp. There are also old ruins nearby.[1] Perrin sends for Grady and Neald.

He sends Aemin to bed and begins working the forge. Grady, Neald, Masuri and the Wise Ones arrive and they send Sulin through a gateway. Neald offers to help heat the metal with the One Power. Grady sees the weaves and urgently asks what he is doing. Neald does not really know, but it feels right.[2] He begins to tire so he links with all six Wise Ones. Perrin continues to work and forges a massive, ornate hammer. When he finishes he sees that there is a crowd of hundreds watching including Azi al'Thone and Jori Congar. Making a decision, he sends Wil al'Seen to fetch the lone wolf banner that he did not burn. He tells the crowd that he will accept their oaths and he will lead them to the Last Battle. There is a roar of excitement. He names the hammer "He who soars" and asks for the words in the Old Tongue. Berelain replies that it would be Mah'alleinir.[3]

Sulin returns with news that the Whitecloaks made camp right at the ambush point on the Jehannah Road. He remembers reports that roads to the north are impassable,[4] but there is no mud here. He also recalls his vision of wolves herding sheep toward a beast.[5] He tells Grady and Neald to open a gateway to the ambush point and sends Gaul to get Dannil, Arganda and Gallenne to gather the armies. It is time for him to lead with the hammer of a king.

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Faile POV#

Faile and Berelain talk. Berelain realizes what Neald did and says Power wrought weapons will be a big advantage for them. She begins persuading Faile to dissuade Perrin from attacking the Whitecloaks. She thinks that is the way Perrin will get around Galad's justice. Faile knows she is wrong about Perrin's intent. Berelain believed that Rand promised Perrin to her when he rejected her. He probably wanted Elayne. But Galad is half-brother to the Queen of Andor and will make an equally strong alliance. Faile agrees to help dissuade Perrin if that is what he intends.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin rides Stepper beside Elyas. He has found his balance and knows he will never end like Noam. Elyas says he needs to leave to go north with the wolves and Perrin understands. He must lead or people will lose faith as Aram did. He rides through the gateway to do some killing.

Galad POV#

Trom wakes Galad to report that Perrin's army returned and is ready to attack. Byar was right. He orders Trom to rouse the men quietly. He wonders what he has done. His world has turned upside down ever since Morgase returned. Byar accuses him of destroying the Whitecloaks[6] but he quotes Lothair Mantelar that he cannot be blamed for actions of the Shadow. Galad begins making defense plans.

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Faile POV#

Perrin orders Faile, Berelain and Alliandre to stay back and they accede. Jori Congar holds a shielded lantern. Berelain still thinks he intends to wipe out the Whitecloaks and Faile is a little worried as well. Gaul arrives with news that the Whitecloaks have spotted them.

Perrin rides Stepper forward and Faile follows on Daylight. The Whitecloak camp springs to life and men run for their horses. Perrin orders archers into position and Arganda and Gallenne ready their men. Berelain begs Perrin to spare Galad but Perrin replies that he is here to save him. Grady senses channeling[7] and an army of Trollocs and Myrddraal stream out of the fog. Grady and Neald create brilliant light bewildering and blinding the Trollocs. They were expecting to find only Whitecloaks, not Perrin's army. Perrin raises his hammer and they attack the Shadowspawn.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Where a Portal Stone just might be located.
[#2] He has rediscovered the weaves for making One Power enhanced metals.
[#3] A tribute to Thor's hammer Mjolnir.
[#4] Supposedly from travelers as reported by Fennel. (ToM,Ch2)
[#5] From ToM,Ch4
[#6] Byar is becoming increasingly irrational and antagonistic.
[#7] Dreadlords?

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