ToM: Questions of Leadership

Perrin POV#

Perrin rides Stayer and leads his followers through Ghealdan to the Jehannah Road. It has been well over a month since they left Malden. They found Masema's remains a day out. A bubble of evil brought black snakes that injured many including Grady, Neald and Masuri. The Aes Sedai could not fully cure them.[1] A few days ago, the gray cloud cover turned black. There is still no sign of Basel Gill and the others Perrin sent north. He lets more refugees, Turne, Jarr and their companions, join him and sends them to Tam. He is worried that the Shaido are still out there. Since Aram is gone, Wil al'Seen and Reed Soalen act as bodyguards. Gallenne leads the Winged Guard and Arganda leads the Ghealdanin guarding Alliandre. Berelain and Annoura ride nearby. Jori Congar carries the wolfhead banner. Perrin and Tam agree that Gill and the others would have taken the Jehannah Road toward Lugard, then Caemlyn. Perrin wants to send Alliandre back to Ghealdan but he is worried about the Shaido scouts still around. Gaul returns from scouting and brings Fennel who was sent ahead with Basel Gill . Fennel was left behind to relay the message that travelers reported the area north is impassable[2] so Gill and the others headed east on the Jehannah Road to Lugard. Perrin and Faile agree to go that way also. Perrin is still reluctant about being a leader. Three Maidens return from scouting and report that there is something important ahead.[3]

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Galad POV#

Galad wakes from his beating. He has many sharp pains in addition to the still-healing wounds from Valda. He is in a tent bound to a stake. He hears voices outside the tent; the flaps open and, to his surprise, it is Trom, Bornhald and Byar. Lords Captain Kazere Tethow, Alaabar Harnesh and Brandel Vordarian are with them. After thinking through the arguments they decided Galad was in the right. They executed Asunawa and the Whitecloaks are now united behind Galad. Candeiar enters to tend his wounds. They will march to Andor.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Much as Aviendha could not directly quench the fire from Adrin. (TGS,Ch7)
[#2] These "travelers" may have had an ulterior motive. (ToM,Ch40)
[#3] We learn what in ToM,Ch4.

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