ToM: Questioning Intentions

Morgase POV#

Morgase serves tea during a meeting with Perrin, Elyas, Tam, Balwer, Jur Grady, Seonid, Masuri, Annoura, Berelain, Alliandre, Gallenne, Arganda, Aravine, Nevarin, Edarra and the other four Wise Ones.[1] Neald is still recovering from snakebites. Nevarin reports that the Blight spot has been eradicated. The officers remind Morgase of Gareth Bryne. She does not understand why she banished him, Aemlyn and Ellorien. She cultivated her serving skills under Sevanna. Gaebril, then Valda, taught Morgase that one's station in life can change. They discuss following the road to catch up with Gill and the others. Morgase has mixed emotions about Perrin. He is a promising leader, but in her eyes he is also a rebel.

Alliandre asks if he still means to send her back to Jehannah and he says yes. She wants to remain under his banner. Angrily, he calls in Wil al'Seen and orders all the wolf banners burned. They discuss returning people to their homes. Balwer reports that the gateways will take hours, even days and Grady and Neald are still not hale enough. Seonid suggests going to Rand in Cairhien. Perrin says he is not there but will not explain how he knows.[2] Perrin agrees to send scouts to Cairhien to learn more. Edarra has a suggestion for the gateways, forming a circle with the Asha'man, Wise Ones and Aes Sedai. He tells them to start practicing. The scouting party will include Seonid, her Warder,[3] two Maidens, Pel Aydaer, Camaille Nolaisen and Balwer.

Morgase wonders if Balwer has told Perrin who he really is. She wishes she could be a resource to Elayne. Niall told her Gaebril is dead and that Rand now holds Caemlyn. Has Elayne returned? She sees Tallanvor outside the tent. Perrin sees Tallanvor as well and tells him to come in. He then says he wants them to marry. Incensed, Morgase refuses and chews him out. Perrin is embarrassed and Tallanvor is hurt. Sulin returns from scouting with news that there is a Whitecloak army on the road in front of them.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The other four are Carelle, Delora, Janina and Marline.
[#2] His visions of Rand. Also, he is now feeling a pull in the direction of Rand.
[#3] Furen Alharra and Teryl Wynter

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