WH: Pink Ribbons

Mat POV#

Mat and Noal cross Mol Hara Square and Mat notes the statue of Queen Nariene. They return to the Tarasin Palace and go to the stable gate. The Tarasin Palace is now the home of High Lady Suroth Sabelle Meldarath as well as Queen Tylin. They chat with one of the Ebou Dari guards, Surlivan Sarat, and note numerous Seanchan guards coming and going. There are several dozen damane being exercised in the yard by their sul'dam. Half are to be Windfinders. One of them is Teslyn Baradon. It is a month and a half since the Seanchan took Ebou Dar.

Mat takes Noal to his men's quarters and introduces him to Chel Vanin, Harnan, Metwyn, Gorderan and Fergin. Mat brought eight others with him to Ebou Dar who are now dead.[1] They tell the Redarms about the gholam. Mat tells his men to leave and find Talmanes. They are also to take Olver, Thom, Juilin, Nerim and Lopin with them. The Redarms all refuse to leave. Mat goes into the palace to get a bath. He runs into Juilin and also suggests that he leave. Juilin also refuses.[2]

Mat goes to Tylin's quarters and is stunned when the dice come to a crashing stop. In the room with Tylin are Suroth, Selucia, Anath and Tuon.[3] Mat knows Suroth by sight, but wonders who the others are. Tuon is angry with Suroth. Suroth told her the city is safe, but Mat was obviously just accosted. Mat says he just fell. Anath chews out Tuon and Suroth looks shocked.[4] Tuon inspects Mat thoroughly.[5] She offers to buy Mat, but Tylin says he is a free man. Tuon invites Tylin to look at maps and the women all leave. As Tylin passes, Mat tells her about the gholam. After they leave, a maid comes in and prepares Mat for the pink ribbons.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This number is consistent with information in LoC,Ch44 and ACoS,Ch38.
[#2] Because Amathera is now also in the Tarasin Palace. (WH,Ch28)
[#3] Apparently Ishamael did not share images of Mat and Perrin with the other Forsaken as Semirhage claims that she did not recognize Mat. (KoD,Ch3)
[#4] Suroth's reaction to Anath would seem to imply that she does not know who Anath really is.
[#5] The image on Mat's ring, a fox startling ravens among nine crescent moons, it a key component of Lidya's Foretelling. (WH,Ch14, KoD,Ch36)

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