WH: Taken

Perrin POV#

Perrin rides Stayer as he and the others find their camp in disarray. The Mayeners are in a standoff with the Ghealdanin. Berelain, Gallenne and Annoura face Alliandre's First Captain, Gerard Arganda. Berelain tells Perrin that Faile and Alliandre were captured by some Aiel. Perrin thinks this whole situation came from Rand's orders. Elyas and Berelain tell Perrin to remain calm. Elyas and Aram head southeast to scout. The three Warder[1] follow and Perrin gives a grateful nod to Masuri, Seonid, Edarra and Carelle. Grady and Neald keep watch and Balwer listens intently.

Perrin calls to the wolves and contacts packs led by Three Toes, Cold Water, Twilight and Springhorn. There are too many different bands of two-legs around so the wolves cannot help.

Gerard Arganda threatens to put the Aiel with Perrin to the question. Perrin puts him in his place and tells him to wait with his men. Berelain caresses Perrin, then rides off with Gallenne. Perrin sees the four Wise Ones[2] who stayed behind watching the others. Gaul and the Maidens are nearby. Dannil Lewin rides up. He reports that he sent Jondyn Barran, Hu Marwin and Get Ayliah out to scout. Perrin then asks Gaul to find Faile. Gaul leads Sulin and the other Maidens[3] away. Perrin belatedly realizes that Bain and Chiad would have been with Faile. The Wise Ones all go to their tent with Seonid and Masuri. Perrin tells Grady and Neald to get packed then goes over to the Wise Ones's tent which is tied shut. Perrin is about ready to cut it open when Nevarin comes out. Perrin asks her how the Aiel will treat Faile, but she does not know. She tells him to calm down and go away. Perrin walks back to his tent thinking that the Wise Ones are probably plotting how to kill Masema.[4] That makes him wonder where Masema is. Balwer has disappeared. At his tent he sees Basel Gill who flinches and hurries away.[5] Lini tells him to take care of himself. She confirms that Maighdin was also with Faile. Perrin promises to get all of them back. He goes to a nearby ridge where Tallanvor is keeping watch. They do not speak, but together they watch as twilight falls and the gibbous moon rises.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Furen Alharra, Teryl Wynter and Rovair Kirklin.
[#2] The other three besides Nevarin are Delora, Janina and Marline.
[#3] They include Briain and Elienda. (WH,Ch6)
[#4] Because the dreamwalkers say he is a threat to Rand. (TPoD,Ch9)
[#5] The reason for this odd reaction is not clear.

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