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Faile POV#

The Shaido force Faile and the other captives to march through the snow naked. Rolan leads Faile.[1] When they realize the captives are developing frostbite they pick up the captives, and carry them. Bain and Chiad accept their fate, but Alliandre and Maighdin fight and are beaten for it. The last two captives are Lacile and Arrela. Faile gradually loses consciousness as she thinks about Perrin and Masema. She has nightmares of Perrin chasing her and of simultaneously freezing and burning.[2] She wakes and a gai'shain gives her honey and tea. She and the other captives are very ill from exposure. The gai'shain tells her she was shamed. The Mera'din wrapped them in coats when they should have been left bare. Efalin should have known better. There are thousands of Shaido and Faile can think of no way out.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Manderic leads Chiad. (KoD,Ch28) Jhoradin leads Lacile. (KoD,Ch5) One of the Maidens leading Arrela is Marthea. (TGS,Ch21)
[#2] If there is any meaning to these nightmares it is not clear.

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