ACoS: A Note from the Palace

Mat POV#

It is the morning after the Festival of Birds and they are preparing to go after the Bowl of the Winds. Mat has his spear, an ashandarei according to Birgitte. Mat meets Elayne and Reanne with six coaches in front of the palace. Reanne brought the seven Wise Women Elders including Tamarla, Famelle, Sumeko and Melore.[1] The Knitting Circle members as the Elders call themselves are puzzled and irritated that Merilille, Sareitha and the other Aes Sedai think they are lying about their ages and numbers. A dozen of Mat's Redarms including Vanin and Nalesean are also waiting. Tylin had serving women drag him to her rooms last night. Elayne tells Mat that Thom, Juilin, Birgitte and Aviendha are watching Carridin's palace. Mat's intent is still to bring Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve and Aviendha to Rand. Beslan arrives as well. Laren arrives with a bowl of oysters in a basket with red flowers and a note from Tylin to Mat. Over a dozen Sea Folk women came to the palace last night with Nynaeve.[2] Lawtin and Belvyn are two Redarms who were killed while guarding Nynaeve. Nynaeve shows up with Lan and Mat is totally surprised. The Mistress of the Ships married them. Lan tells Mat that the Sea Folk have unusual marriage customs. Lan tells Mat that Moghedien is after Nynaeve. Mat reads the note from Tylin. It says she is moving him to her rooms and asks about the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Mat stuffs the note in his pocket.

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