TPoD: Unweaving

Elayne POV#

Elayne is watching the Windfinders come through the gateway. A couple start to speak to her but Renaile does not let them. She senses Birgitte, Careane clearly senses Cieryl and Nynaeve is looking the direction Lan must have gone.[1] A circle of thirteen is needed to run the Bowl. In addition to Traveling, linking is one of the skills they will teach the Windfinders. Some of them are Senine, Kurin and Dorile. Dorile is Windfinder to Clan Somarin. A young Windfinder, Rainyn, is as strong as Romanda while apprentice Metarra is as strong as Elayne and apprentice Talaan is as strong as Nynaeve! Famelle and Eldase escort Ispan; Famelle whispers a string of apologies to her. While the others come through the gateway, Elayne starts checking the recovered ter'angreal - a blue stone root-like carving, a small ivory box with red and green stripes, a stiff flexible black rod, a tiny vial of red liquid, a two foot statue of jolly bearded man holding a book. Nynaeve says the rod feels like pain. The bad guys got less than a quarter of the *angreal stash. Elayne finds an angreal, an amber turtle brooch. It is not strong; it will give her twice the strength of Nynaeve. Can she now learn to make angreal? Vandene warns her about the danger of ter'angreal. Twenty-five years ago Martine Janata[2] accidentally burned herself out after studying ter'angreal for forty years. After the last four Warder come through,[3] Aviendha begins to unweave the gateway. The Aes Sedai are horrified saying it is extremely dangerous. The Windfinders thought it was impossible. Aviendha tells them it is the only way to not leave residue that can be analyzed and recreated. Aiel Wise Ones are trained in unweaving. Aviendha can read residues as much as two days later - a very rare Talent. Elayne's horse is Lioness.[4] They all mount and ride off.

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Moridin POV#

From a room in the palace Moridin[5] watches them leave. He thinks Sammael is a fool to risk so much to try to get the stash. Now he is hanging around out of idle curiosity. He ponders the new stuff not known in the Age of Legends - Healing severing, involuntary Linking, Warder bonds, unweaving and the strength of Windfinders in weather control. The palace servant Madic is a Darkfriend. He tells Moridin the treasure is from the Age of Legends, Shiota and Eharon. Moridin never heard the name Bowl of the Winds before but now he is concerned that they might fix the weather. He accidentally kills Madic in a fit of anger. He thinks the women went a long way. No matter. He has spies in Tar Valon, with Rand, and with the Salidar Aes Sedai. He rips a hole in the Pattern to Travel. He will stop them from using the Bowl, or make them pay.
(You Darkfriend!)

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Gholam POV#

The gholam enters the room where Moridin was standing. He has never been hurt before. He feels the True Power sort of like the One Power, like a Fade does, an itch. He has a vague memory of such an itch, but his memories are all faded. He can feel both the gateway in the stableyard and the other one miles to the northeast. He was commanded to kill Mat and the women. He is following the women because they are an easier target. He lives on fresh blood and poor Madic provides him a meal. Then he will follow the women.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Although Nynaeve has not bonded Lan she seems to sense him. Is this because she Healed him?
[#2] The evidence says that Martine Janata started a new life as Setalle Anan.
[#3] The last four Warder are Vandene's Jaem, Careane's Venr Kosaan and Tavan, and Sareitha's Ned Yarman.
[#4] And Nynaeve's is Loversknot. (TPoD,Ch20)
[#5] Moridin's thoughts about the Age of Legends and the fact that he has known of the Warder bond for a long time virtually assure his identity as Ishamael.
[#6] Apparently it will lose their trail when they Travel to Andor. (TPoD,Ch7) It will go after Mat instead. (WH,Ch16)

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