ACoS: A Broken Crown

Perrin POV#

Loial, Min, Sulin, the rest of the Maidens, Dobraine, Nurelle, Aram, and the Asha'man follow Rand and enter the Grand Hall. Selande follows them. Colavaere is sitting on the throne wearing the crown. Seven attendants including Faile stand by the throne and an eighth stands behind it. Rand confronts Colavaere. She says rumor has Elayne dead so she took the throne. What is done is done. Rand tells her that Elayne is alive. He takes her crown, breaking then fixing it. What is done can be undone. Perrin accuses her of murdering Lord Maringil and High Lord Meilan, then asks about Berelain.[1] Colavaere is angry saying she was crowned eight days ago at sunrise.[2] Colavaere asks the woman behind the throne for advice. She is Annoura Larisen of the Gray Ajah, advisor to Berelain. Jahar shields her. Faile accuses Colavaere of treason. Colavaere's attendant who heard this, Maire vanished, replaced by Reale. Annoura says Berelain brought thief-catchers[3] who traced the murders to Colavaere. She lets slip that the Aes Sedai promised her that Rand would not return. Dobraine announces Rand's penalty for murder, hanging, and Min looks sadly at Rand.[4] Rand cannot bring himself to have her executed so he strips her of her titles and exiles her to a farm. She faints. The nobles see this as far worse punishment than execution. Rand tells Annoura to take him to Berelain, then ends the audience.

More Perrin POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] A mistake since Faile is standing right there.
[#2] Early printings read "nine days ago" but this is being corrected to agree with the timing given in ACoS,Ch4.
[#3] They are Gendar and Santes. (WH,Ch5)
[#4] Because of her viewing that Colavaere would hang. (LoC,Ch50)

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