ACoS: Into Cairhien

Perrin POV#

Riding into Cairhien, the group includes Rand, Min, Loial, Dobraine, Nurelle, Dashiva, Sulin, Chiad, Bain. Perrin is still worried about Faile; the Two Rivers men brought her horse Swallow with them from Caemlyn. Trying to solace Perrin, Loial says he wants to marry Erith. He then looks shocked and accuses Perrin of doing a ta'veren job on him. They soon reach the broad, stone paved road that leads to Jangai Pass. As they near Cairhien they see a new banner over the city, a silver diamond on a yellow and red checked field, House Saighan. Dashiva suggests a gateway into city. Rand says no, they would have to wait till after dark to know place well enough.[1] Perrin smells wild mix of emotions from Dashiva and is convinced that he is mad. Damer Flinn and most of the men stay behind while a small group, Rand, Perrin, Loial, eight Asha'man[2], Dobraine, Nurelle, Aram, Min and three dozen Maidens, enters the city. They pass through what used to be the Foregate and enter through the Jangai Gates. The mood in the city is somber, not what Perrin expected for High Chasaline. In the palace they are met by Camaille Nolaisen and Selande Darengil, Aiel society girls. Dobraine notes that it is the ninth sunset since the coronation.[3] They tell Perrin that Faile is one of Colavaere's attendants. They all head to the Grand Hall.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] In TPoD,Ch5, Elayne notes that holding saidar can cut the learning time down to a few minutes. With his Age of Legends knowledge, Dashiva surely knows this. Is he playing his cards close, or does it only work for women? Or did Robert Jordan make a last minute invention in The Path of Daggers?
[#2] From previous and subsequent chapters we know these include Dashiva, Fager Neald, Karldin, Jur Grady, Eben Hopwil, Fedwin Morr, Jonan Adley and Jahar Narishma.
[#3] Colavaere's statement in ACoS,Ch5 is being corrected to agree with this timing.

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