KoD: To Keep the Bargain

Birgitte POV#

Birgitte is thinking of Gaidal when her awareness of Elayne spasms. The other Warder are on alert as well. Venr Kosaan and Cieryl Arjuna say that Careane feels confident. Suddenly, Venr Kosaan, Cieryl Arjuna and Tavan shout, draw their swords and run toward the house. Jaem does the same, then Ned Yarman. The implication is that Careane, Vandene and Sareitha are now dead.[1] Yurith Azeri is one of the Guardswomen. Two of the Guardswomen grab Hark. Birgitte mounts Arrow and they all race back through the Mondel Gate to the Royal Palace. She can sense that Elayne is moving northeast. In the stableyard she sends Guardswoman Hadora for the Windfinders and Guardswoman Sanetre for Captain Guybon. In the Map Room Dyelin is already waiting. There are a dozen attacks in progress at the northern wall. Mistress Anford keeps order. Elayne is moving toward the Sunrise Gate and the road to the Erinin River. Dyelin does not want to move enough soldiers that Arymilla takes Caemlyn.

Julanya Fote and Keraille Surtovni enter. They report that Ellorien, Luan and Abelle, Aemlyn, Arathelle and Pelivar broke camp and a heading north toward Caemlyn. Chanelle leads the Windfinders including Rainyn, Renaile, Kurin, Rysael and Senine into the room. Birgitte explains that she wants the Windfinders to link and make a gateway for the soldiers. Chanelle initially refuses but Birgitte tells her that Arymilla will break the bargain Zaida made. She finally agrees. At the Traveling park, all the lords and ladies loyal to Elayne have already gathered. They include Perival Mantear, Brannin Martan and his wife[2], Conail and Branlet.

Reene Harfor runs up followed by two men carrying a third on a stretcher. He reports that three or four companies of Elayne's mercenaries are attacking the Far Madding Gate from the inside. Birgitte wonders which of Cordwyn, Gomaisen or Bakuvun is the traitor.[3] The soldier reports that Bakuvun is helping the defenders. Birgitte sends Dyelin to take some of the force to defend the gate. Dyelin takes Conail, Catalyn, Branlet and Perival with her.

The Windfinders make a gateway to the Erinin Road outside the city. Guybon leads his soldiers through. Birgitte asks Chanelle to come through the gateway to see something. She and the other Windfinders follow. They see a wagon coming up the road about a mile away. There are four men and seven women with the wagon.[4] She thinks the eight Windfinders can take them. Caseille asks permission for the Guardswomen to join the fight. Lightning strikes among the soldiers. Brannin Martan, Kelwin Janevor, Laerid Traehand, Barel, Sergase and others lead their armsmen. A flash of balefire from the fluted black rod strikes through the army. Birgitte tells Chanelle that all will be lost if the Windfinders do not aid. Chanelle agrees and lightning strikes the woman holding the fluted black rod. The others are stunned. The wagon driver charges the army waving his sword.[5] Chanelle says they are also shielded. Birgitte orders them taken alive.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The implication is, of course, correct. (KoD,Ch31) Although it is not explicitly stated, the presumption is that the Black Ajah kills all five Warder as well. There is not a clear cut answer as to whether or not Venr Kosaan, Cieryl Arjuna and Tavan are Darkfriends, themselves.
[#2] Elvaine Martan
[#3] The traitors are Rhys a'Balaman, Aldred Gomaisen and Evard Cordwyn. Hafeen Bakuvun remains loyal. (KoD,Ch35)
[#4] The women are Shiaine Avarhin, Asne, Chesmal, Eldrith, Falion, Marillin and Temaile Kinderode. The men are Asne's four Warder including Powl. (KoD,Ch31, KoD,Ch33)
[#5] Indicating that he is one of Asne's Warder.

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