KoD: The Importance of Dyelin

Elayne POV#

The two parties of nobles from the uncommitted Houses arrived outside Caemlyn two days ago. Hanselle Renshar, grandson of Arathelle, has an audience with Elayne and Dyelin. He brings a request for safe passage so the nobles may have an audience. Mistress Harfor is in attendance. Birgitte is dealing with reports. The nobles have sixty thousand armsmen, more than Elayne has even with the support of Caeren, Anshar and Baryn. Some of their armsmen left with Jarid Sarand.[1] Dyelin called on Danine Candraed again but she still will not commit. Many are still staying away from Caemlyn for fear of Arymilla's army. Elayne writes out the order of safe passage for Lord Luan Norwelyn, Lady Arathelle Renshar, Lord Pelivar Coelan, Lady Aemlyn Carand, Lady Ellorien Traemane and Lord Abelle Pendar and requests an audience that afternoon in the Grand Hall to discuss the Borderlanders.

Elayne asks if Dyelin wants to be Queen and she says no. Elayne is the better ruler, partly because of her connection to Rand. Mistress Harfor and Master Norry make their usual reports. There are still arsons every night.[2] Elayne signs death warrants for the turncoat mercenaries, Rhys a'Balaman and Aldred Gomaisen. Evard Cordwyn died in the battle. She denies a reward for Hafeen Bakuvun as he was just doing his job. The prisoners are not talking.[3] Mellar only swears. Deni's Guardswomen beat him severely. Elayne had the Great Serpent rings melted even though that was Egwene's prerogative. Elayne orders Norry to request the loan of Lady Sylvase' secretary.[4] She misses Aviendha.

After midmorning, Melfane Dawlish arrives with Essande, Naris and Sephanie to examine Elayne. Melfane's son Jaem Dawlish worked at a stable. Birgitte had been drinking too much because of the loss of Gaidal but now she has stopped. She has Julanya Fote and Keraille stationed in the nobles' camp to give the alert if they begin to move. Arymilla, Naean and Elenia are under guard. Musicians play while Elayne waits for the nobles and she wonders how Thom is doing. Mistress Harfor announces the arrival of the nobles. Caseille leads the Guardswomen who escort her to the Grand Hall. It is decorated with images of the women who built a strong nation out the rubble of Artur Hawkwing's empire. Dyelin is already there talking with Sylvase, Conail, Catalyn, Branlet and Perival. Lir and Karind are nearby. Mistress Harfor escorts in Luan, Arathelle, Pelivar, Aemlyn, Ellorien and Abelle. Wine and Tremalking black tea are served. Luan says they have come to ask for a truce. Dyelin says she published support of House Taravin for Elayne. This ruins the other nobles' plans for her to be Queen.

Luan says they still need a truce to deal with the Borderlanders. Elayne explains how she dealt with them; they should be on their peaceful way to Murandy now. Ellorien is furious but cannot come up with a better way to deal with them. Abelle asks what her plan is for the Black Tower. She says she has no plan. She is no more able to act against them than the White Tower. Abelle and Luan say they now stand for Trakand. After some thinking, Arathelle, Pelivar and Aemlyn do as well. Elayne knows they are actually doing it for Dyelin. Ellorien leaves in a huff saying she needs to get back to Sheldyn. Elayne now has the throne but half her support is suspect and tenuous. She wonders how long it will be before Andor must ride to the Last Battle.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Jarid will attempt to regroup his army in western Andor. (AMoL,Prologue)
[#2] With the Black Ajah, Daved Hanlon and Arymilla captured, who is responsible now?
[#3] The Black Ajah oaths prevent the Black sisters from giving useful information.
[#4] Jaq Lounalt is an experienced torturer. (CoT,Ch15)

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