KoD: Nine Out of Ten

Elayne POV#

Elayne is tied, gagged and blindfolded in the wagon. She still is not worried because of Min's viewing that her babes will be born healthy. She is elated when she feels Birgitte leap from miles behind to a mile ahead. She feels concern in the bond and knows men are dying for her as did Vandene and Sareitha. She feels a lightning strike then the shield on her vanishes. She feels Spirit and Air; her captors are now shielded and bound.

Birgitte enters the wagon and unties her, telling her that Chanelle helped for fear of losing Zaida's bargain. Nearby Queen's Guards carry her personal sigil, the Golden Lily, as well as the White Lion of Andor. Charlz Guybon bows to her. Asne is dead. Shiaine, Chesmal, Eldrith, Falion, Marillin and Temaile are bound with Air. By the way they struggle, three bound men were Asne's Warder.[1]

Caseille and the Guardswomen begin loading the Black Ajah into the wagon. Birgitte updates Elayne in the battle situation. Arymilla and her army are at the Far Madding Gate. Luan and the others are heading to Caemlyn. Elayne received military training like Gawyn from Gareth Bryne. Tzigan brings her a horse. After Elayne makes a new bargain that they will do nothing but provide transportation, Chanelle and the Windfinders make a new gateway to south of the Far Madding Gate. Elayne can see that the gates are still closed so Dyelin succeeded in her defense. Birgitte thinks they will need Mat Cauthon's luck.

As Guybon leads his force to attack from behind, the gates open and Dyelin's force attacks from the front. She sees Conail, Branlet and Perival ride out from the gate. Dyelin holds back Catalyn. After a bloody battle Arymilla's army surrenders at midmorning. The lesser nobles are escorted into the city to be held for ransom.

The Guardsmen bring Arymilla, Naean and Elenia before Elayne. Already deep in debt, their ransoms will ruin them. Arymilla threatens her with Jarid, but Elenia says he will just preserve House Sarand. Lir Baryn, Karind Anshar and Sylvase Caeren appear next. Sylvase announces that Nasin is dead, she is now High Seat and she stands for Trakand. She offers her new secretary, Jaq Lounalt, to help convince the others but Elayne declines. Lir and Karind also announce for Trakand. Elayne now has nine of the ten Houses she needs.[2]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The fourth man, the wagon driver, charged the army waving his sword making him the fourth Warder. (KoD,Ch32) He is presumably captured as well.
[#2] The Houses for her now are Trakand, Taravin, Gilyard, Haevin, Mantear, Northan, Anshar, Baryn and Caeren.

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