LoC: To Shadar Logoth

Rand POV#

The scene is set in a courtyard in the Royal Palace in Cairhien. Rand has just asked Haman, Covril and Erith to take him to the Waygate at Shadar Logoth. This will shorten their trip to the Two Rivers to find Loial. The Ogier discuss it among themselves and eventually agree. Rand opens a gateway to Shadar Logoth just as Sulin walks into the courtyard with Liah, Cassin and gai'shain carrying maps. They argue about Rand going alone. Rand agrees to give Sulin a count of fifty to summon an escort. She flashes handtalk to both the Maidens and gai'shain. Over a hundred Aiel arrive. They then negotiate an escort of twenty Maidens and twenty from other societies. When they are about ready to leave, Nandera whispers to Sulin that, "You spoke to gai'shain as Far Dareis Mai."[1] Sulin concedes and says that they shall talk of it later. Nandera agrees. They all step through the gateway. The escort includes Liah, Jalani, Desora and Urien. There is another recount of the story of Aridhol (City) and the Trolloc Wars.

Lews Therin pipes up inside Rand's head. Rand thinks for a moment that Lews Therin addressed him personally. He remembers killing Ishamael, and Lanfear dying.

Haman leads them to the Waygate in the middle of an open square. Rand weaves a trap around it using all five Powers. Rand wonders if he can cleanse the Ways. When Rand channels, he feels a resonance of the taint with the evil of Shadar Logoth.[2] As they prepare to leave, Rand notices that someone is missing. It is Liah. A half-day search fails to find her. As dusk falls, Rand offers to take the Ogier directly to the Two Rivers and they gratefully accept. Rand opens a gateway to a place about two miles from Emond's Field. Everyone goes through. Rand does not recognize the new farmhouse nearby.[3] A boy spots them and runs. Rand opens a gateway to Caemlyn and all but the Ogier enter it.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It is a grave insult to use handtalk with gai'shain. Because of what Sulin did she has great toh. She takes the role of a servant to meet her toh. (LoC,Ch28)
[#2] Foreshadowing the climax of Winter's Heart.
[#3] Population growth in the Two Rivers near Emond's Field.

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