LoC: Letters

Rand POV#

Rand is in a foul mood the rest of the afternoon. He hassles Berelain and Rhuarc about small items. He shouts at Idrien Tarsin because Herid Fel wandered off. He shouts at various nobles, Meilan, Maringil, Colavaere and Anaiyella. He even shouts at Amys, Bair and Sorilea. His bad mood is mostly due to knowing now that Lews Therin is real and living in his head.[1] That night he has bad dreams about running. The next morning he realizes that the dreams of running were really about him running away from Elayne and Aviendha. He decides he will run no more. Harilin and Chiarid stand guard outside his rooms.

As Rand walks to his Traveling chamber Nandera and other Maidens catch up. Black Eyes and Mayeners guard the entrance. Just as he opens a gateway to the Royal Palace a messenger from Berelain arrives. She gives Rand a letter and says it is from the Sea Folk. As he emerges back in Caemlyn he feels Alanna nearby and that she is already awake. She has been crying. He wonders if Thom Merrilin knows anything about the Warder bond. Making a light with Fire and Air, he goes to his chambers where Nandera dismisses the rest of the Maidens except for Jalani. Even though they are quiet Aviendha wakes and is clearly angry. Lews Therin returns and addresses Rand directly for the first time. Rand tells him that he is in his head and Lews Therin flees screaming.[1] Aviendha tells him that he has toh toward her for leaving without her. Over Rand's objections Nandera and Jalani promise to keep her informed about where he is. Reene Harfor arrives with news from Bashere. Several nobles are gathering in Caemlyn. Lady Aemlyn and Lord Culhan are staying with Lord Pelivar. Lady Arathelle, Lord Barel, Lord Macharan, Lady Sergase and Lady Negara arrived separately. They are all nobles who opposed "Gaebril." Aemlyn and Culhan are almost as powerful as Pelivar. Arathelle is more powerful than any save Luan and Dyelin. Reene Harfor also gives him a letter from the Wavemistress who is angry about being stood up. Rand compares the two letters. They are both addressed to the Coramoor and have a seal, two things like flattened bowls with a thick, ornate line running from one through the other.[2] Both letters are caustic requests for an audience, one from Zaida din Parede Blackwing of Clan Catelar, and the other from Harine din Togara Two Winds of Clan Shodein.

A servant comes in with yet another letter. It is Sulin in dress! Sulin delivers the letter then runs out. Nandera and Jalani explain that she is meeting her toh and Rand recalls the incident just before the trip to Shadar Logoth when she spoke to gai'shain as a Maiden. Rand asks ignorant questions about ji'e'toh that clearly embarrass Aviendha. Rand opens the third letter. It is from Alliandre Maritha Kigarin. In subtle terms she offers goodwill to him but expresses fear of the Prophet and the Whitecloaks. Rand thinks that he must do something about Masema.[3]

A door opens and Rand has a sense of filth. With difficulty, Rand realizes there is a Gray Man. As he wraps the Gray Man in Air there is a blast of fire from the balcony. Taim walks in and looks at the Gray Man with a hole burned through him. Taim seems unconcerned about the Gray Man. He came to tell Rand about a new recruit, Jahar Narishma. Lews Therin mutters that he wants to kill him. Rand thinks Sammael sent the Gray Man.[4] Rand and Taim talk a bit about Sammael's defenses, the Rand sends Taim back to the farm. Nandera and Jalani leave. Aviendha lectures him on ji'e'toh then she leaves, too. Some gai'shain come to take away the Gray Man.

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Padan Fain POV#

Fain and his pet Fade are staying with Darkfriends, Nan Belman and her son Perwyn Belman. His bond to Rand feels different lately, as though someone else has part of it.[5] The Whitecloaks and the White Tower are set against Rand since he touched Niall and Elaida. Perwyn Belman enters followed by his mother. He reports that Rand was attacked this morning. Fain realizes this must be a Gray Man which means one of the Forsaken. Fain is furious because he wants Rand for himself. Channeling his anger, he touches Perwyn Belman turning him into a gibbering idiot. Fain ponders how he can hurt Rand. He has growing powers, some from Shadar Logoth and some from Dark One, but he needs to touch his victims. He knows of the Aes Sedai and Two Rivers girls at Culain's Hound, but they are not important enough. He sent the Whitecloaks after Rand,[6] but that was only a test. His only assets are his Fade, a few Whitecloaks, a few Trollocs outside the city and a few Darkfriends in Caemlyn and coming from Tar Valon. He can now sense even casual Darkfriends. To clear his mind he takes Nan Belman aside for some fun. He cannot understand why she struggles so.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is the spirit of Lews Therin really revived in Rand's head or is it just his memories with the voice being a symptom of madness? See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 2.1.6.
[#2] This is the only time this sign is mentioned. Is there any significance to it?
[#3] He takes action in ACoS,Ch27.
[#4] Who really sent the Gray Man? Did Taim really come to Caemlyn just to tell Rand about Narishma? See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 1.5.6.
[#5] Alanna's bond to Rand.
[#6] The attack in LoC,Ch26.

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