LoC: Connecting Lines

Rand POV#

It is morning. Rand can feel that Alanna is in a temper and has a couple of minor scrapes. He rides Jeade'en and carries the Dragon Scepter as he watches Bashere's cavalry gallop between two white stones only four paces apart.[1] Deira Bashere stares at him the whole time. Nandera leads the Maidens and Caldin leads the Mountain Dancers who guard him. Rand wonders where Sulin is. He as not seen her in eight days since the trip to Shadar Logoth.[2] Lews Therin laughs at him. Rand asks if he is really there, but gets no answer. Rand recalls one of the answers he got from the Snake people, "If you would live, you must die."

As he rides back to Caemlyn, several Whitecloaks attack. Desora is killed. The Aiel kill or capture all of them. The attack reminds Caldin of an event near Sedar Cut.[3] They bring Dimir Faral to Rand. His cloak is filthy.[4] Rand tells him that he will watch the others hang, then take that message back to Pedron Niall. Rand remembers all the Maidens who died for him including Liah, Dailin[5] and Lamelle. He is surprised to find that Lews Therin added Ilyena Therin Moerelle to his list.

Back in the Royal Palace Reene Harfor brings him a message. The Wavemistress of Clan Catelar[6] is asking for an audience. She and her entourage are staying at The Ball and Hoop. Rand says he will meet her this afternoon.[7]

Elenia also wants to see Rand in his rooms. Rand meets with her and asks her to tell him about the history of Andor. Endara Casalain was Artur Hawkwing's governor in Andor province. Her husband was Joal Ramedar, the last king of Aldeshar. Their daughter was Ishara. After Artur Hawkwing died, Endara Casalain abdicated giving the throne to Ishara. Ishara married Artur Hawkwing's general Souran Maravaile who was laying siege to Tar Valon and brought him to Caemlyn. This effectively ended the siege. She also started custom of sending the Daughter-Heir to Tar Valon for training. She got an Aes Sedai advisor, Ballair. There were nine queens of Andor during the War of the Hundred Years from Alesinde to Lyndelle. None of their sons lived to have families thus starting the tradition of queens only. There were numerous rebellions during the War of the Hundred Years. Ten years before the end of the war Narasim Bhuran attacked Andor and was killed. Thirty years earlier Esmara Getares tried and spent the rest of her life prisoner of Queen Telaisien. Four kings attacked Queen Maragaine's forces at the site later named Four Kings. The right to the throne of Andor is determined by the number of bloodlines to Ishara. Elenia is careful to explain that, after Elayne, she has the best claim followed by Dyelin. Rand asks Elenia how closely related Morgase and Tigraine are. Elenia replies that they are royal cousins, but if they were commoners the bloodlines connect so far back that they would not be considered related at all. Rand is relieved that he is not related to Elayne.

He dismisses Elenia. Feeling pressured by women and his ancestry, Rand tells Nandera and Caldin to assemble his escort. He is going to Cairhien.[7] He asks them not to tell Aviendha.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Practicing for their attack on Illian. (ACoS,Ch41)
[#2] So eight days since LoC,Ch21. Sulin is meeting her toh to the gai'shain. (LoC,Ch28)
[#3] Evidently some place in the Aiel Waste. It is not mentioned elsewhere.
[#4] A hint that these Whitecloaks are, in fact, Padan Fain's. (LoC,Ch28)
[#5] This is peculiar. Dailin was killed in TDR,Ch39 while Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve are on their way to Tear. Did Aviendha tell Rand about Dailin or is this a misstep? Also, in early printings, Dailin is incorrectly identified as an Iron Mountain Taardad. In later printings her sept is corrected to Nine Valleys as stated in TDR,Ch38.
[#6] The Wavemistress is Zaida din Parede Blackwing. Shielyn is with her. (LoC,Ch28, WH,Ch11)
[#7] Instead, Rand returns to Cairhien standing up the Wavemistress.

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