LoC: A Matter of Thought

Elayne POV#

It is a month and a half since the end of The Fires of Heaven. Elayne and Nynaeve prepare for bed and a busy night. They share a tiny room in Salidar. Elayne has made copies of the amber plaque, the iron disc and the twisted ring. As Elayne goes to sleep she thinks about Sammael in Illian and about Min and the embassy to Rand. They should be over half way by now.

In Tel'aran'rhiod on a street in Salidar, they meet Siuan, Leane, Anaiya, Beonin, Carlinya, Morvrin, Myrelle and Sheriam. As the Aes Sedai approach they discuss their "choice".[1] Sheriam threatens to send Siuan and Leane to Tiana if they cannot get along.[2] Egwene was injured about the same time they arrived in Salidar. Now the six Aes Sedai meet with the Wise Ones. The meetings usually do not go well. Elayne and Nynaeve are required to give them lessons the day before and the day after meetings. One of the cooks, Gera, appears momentarily dreaming of her self as Green Ajah. Myrelle has been increasingly hard on Nynaeve the last few weeks.[3] Elayne instructs them to visualize Elaida's study.

And they are in the White Tower. There are now no stools in Elaida's study.[4] Leane excuses herself to check messages left by her eyes-and-ears around Tar Valon. Sheriam sends Nynaeve after her. Elaida herself appears briefly in a dream. The sisters split up to search for information. Siuan twice found evidence that Alviarin countermanded orders from Elaida. They find a report from Danelle that Mattin Stepaneos accepts the offer but Roedran, Alliandre and Tylin are still thinking about it.[5] The arrest warrant for Moiraine is still in effect so Elaida has not yet heard that she is dead. The Accepted Shemerin has run away.[6] The fighting in Shienar and Arafel is dying down. There is still no news from Tarabon. Sheriam comments that they will know more in a few weeks.[7] There are still orders to return Elayne to the White Tower or they will envy Ronde Macura. Elaida has heard about Rand's amnesty and is furious. There are currently two hundred ninety four Aes Sedai in the White Tower, nearly a third. There are slightly more in Salidar. Elaida has sent an embassy to Rand in Cairhien to escort him to the White Tower. They hear a scream out in the hall. Carlinya is trapped in a nightmare of Trollocs. The other Aes Sedai try to help and are shortly trapped themselves. Elayne and Siuan realize they cannot help from outside and wade in. Elayne finally gets them to disbelieve sufficiently so that the nightmare ends, but all are injured. Siuan says she will stay to search a while longer, but the Aes Sedai are ready to leave immediately. They insist that Elayne goes back as well.

Before returning to her body Elayne makes a quick trip to the Grand Hall in the Royal Palace. She is worried about what Rand is doing and whispers her feelings aloud, then she returns to her body.

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Demandred POV#

Demandred is in Tel'aran'rhiod in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn.[8] He sees Elayne and figures out who she must be.[9] She clearly does not like what Rand is doing. He thinks this is another thread in the pattern pulled. He must let the Lord of Chaos rule, but he does not understand why. He opens a gateway to leave Tel'aran'rhiod.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Choosing Egwene for their new Amyrlin. (LoC,Ch34)
[#2] Siuan and Leane fake their animosity so the other Aes Sedai will not know that they are actually working together.
[#3] This must be because she can feel the bond to Lan, but what are her ultimate intentions?
[#4] Elaida has apparently dissolved her Council.
[#5] It is not clear exactly what the White Tower is trying to get them to agree to.
[#6] We finally learn what becomes of her and how she escaped from Tar Valon in TGS,Ch24 and TGS,Ch26.
[#7] They sent Afara, Edesina and Guisin to Tarabon as emissaries. (LoC,Ch15)
[#8] What is he doing there?
[#9] Implying that he did not know her face before.

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