TDR: Waiting

Perrin POV#

It is late winter in the Mountains of Mist. Perrin can feel wolves trying to contact him. Perrin is riding his horse, Stepper, with Masema, Ragan, Uno and two other Shienarans. Moiraine sent them out from their camp further back in the mountains to meet a woman. They have already met women from Tarabon, Ghealdan and Amadicia.[1] Perrin spots a rider coming from the direction of Tarabon and can tell that she is a Tinker. Masema spots a raven and Perrin shoots it. She rides up[2] and introduces herself as Leya. She has come bringing news to Moiraine. They all ride back to the camp of the Dragon Reborn. Loial is reading as usual. Min greets them. The Dragon Banner is flying.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Why these women come seeking Moiraine, how they know the way, what news they bring and how Moiraine knows when to send out scouts to find them is all a complete mystery.
[#2] Her horse is Piesa. (TDR,Ch2)

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