TFoH: A Silver Arrow

Nynaeve POV#

That evening, Elayne prepares the meal for herself, Nynaeve, Thom and Juilin. Valan Luca joins them, still trying to make time with Nynaeve. After dinner, Elayne and Nynaeve argue about who should enter Tel'aran'rhiod that night. Elayne insists that it is her turn. Nynaeve goes every night except when there is a meeting with Egwene and the Wise Ones. Bair owes her a lecture. Nynaeve, wanting to avoid it, insists that she has important questions for Birgitte. Elayne acquiesces and Nynaeve goes to sleep.

In Tel'aran'rhiod, Birgitte meets Nynaeve at the menagerie. Talking about men, she says Gaidal Cain hates to dance. She tells Nynaeve that she found Moghedien. Birgitte takes her to the place. They look down at Moghedien. She, in turn, is watching Graendal, Sammael, Rahvin and Lanfear. Graendal's chair is made of acrobats in lewd poses. Birgitte thinks it would make a Senje no-room keeper blush.[1] Rahvin's is an ornate, golden throne. Lanfear's is white stone and silver. Sammael's chair is wood carved with military scenes with a sigil on the back, a steel-gauntleted fist clasping lightning.[2] Sammael is angry that their plan is sending Rand at his throat. Rahvin says that, if need be, someone close to Rand will die,[3] then when he comes for Sammael, the other three will be waiting for him linked. Sammael says he will be part of the link or he is out. Lanfear and Graendal press him that he has committed.

Birgitte touches Nynaeve's arm and they return to the menagerie. Moghedien follows, knocking out Birgitte and hog-tying Nynaeve. Nynaeve tries to taunt Moghedien into killing her, but Moghedien plans to keep her around for a long time. Moghedien comments that there are only nine Forsaken still around. Compulsion in Tel'aran'rhiod is actually stronger than in the real world. Moghedien is partly angry because Nynaeve is making her act like Semirhage. Suddenly Moghedien screams as an arrow pierces her. Birgitte has regained partial consciousness. Moghedien channels and Birgitte vanishes, then Moghedien disappears. Nynaeve sobs in remorse.

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Liandrin POV#

Liandrin is in the manor house in Amador with Temaile and Chesmal. Moghedien suddenly staggers into the room soaked in blood. She commands Chesmal to Heal her and Chesmal complies. Seeing that Moghedien is weakened, Liandrin tries to attack, but Moghedien is ready and shields her. She ties off the shield in a complex knot, then Compels her to live. She tells Temaile to soften her up, then give her to Amellia Arene and Evon as a scullery maid. Moghedien tells Chesmal that Nynaeve is with a menagerie. Chesmal tells her that there are many headed north to Ghealdan. Moghedien tells her she will go to Ghealdan and tells her to procure fast horses and follow. They leave and Liandrin screams even before Temaile begins.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is the first of Birgitte's throwaway references to her previous lives. There is no indication of where Senje was or what a no-room is.
[#2] Most peculiar. This sigil has been seen once before - on the coach that took Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne to the Stone of Tear in TDR,Ch51. Was Sammael involved at the Stone of Tear or did he and Be'lal have the same sigil? We will also see it with Mazrim Taim in the Black Tower. (KoD,Epilogue)
[#3] This must mean Melindhra trying to kill Mat as soon as he mentions Caemlyn. (TFoH,Ch51) Rand will believe it was Sammael, but it will not dissuade him from going after Rahvin. (TFoH,Ch52)

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