KoD: Remember the Old Saying

Suroth POV#

Suroth is in the military headquarters room of the Tarasin Palace with Captain-General Galgan. As Semirhage promised, a ship arrived with news of the death of the Empress and rebellion in the Empire. They study a map of Arad Doman. Banner-General Efraim Yamada has a report from Turan that a hundred thousand men joined Ituralde ahead of the Seanchan army and then two hundred thousand closed in from behind them. They are trapped. Galgan has signed orders promoting Tylee Khirgan to Lieutenant-General and the low Blood and to return the raken to Amadicia and Altara. Chisen still has not located the army causing trouble in northern Altara. Tuon enters accompanied by the Deathwatch Guard and Gardeners. She has heard of the death of the Empress. She commands Karede to show everyone what Captain Musenge brought her, the head of Elbar. Tuon meets eyes with Galgan, Abaldar Yulan, Yamada, all of the Blood except Suroth. She announces that Suroth Sabelle Meldarath is no more. The Deathwatch Guard may have the da'covale until her hair has grown enough for her to be sold. Suroth wails as they cut off her clothing.

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Pevara POV#

Pevara Tazanovni, Javindhra Doraille, Desala Nevanche, Tarna Feir, Jezrail and Melare Travel from the Ogier grove in Tar Valon to the Black Tower. Pevara learned the Warder bond weave from Yukiri. Tsutama ordered Javindhra to come because Pevara and Tarna could not select enough Reds themselves. They have plenty of reports on the Black Tower from eyes-and-ears in Caemlyn. Three men meet them at the gate, a Dedicated and two soldiers, Enkazin and Saml al'Seen. Pevara asks to see the M'Hael. The Dedicated opens a gateway and steps through. A half hour later, he returns through a larger gateway that leads past a white stone platform with a black stone on top to a palace decorated in red and black[1] with a sigil of a gauntlet holding lightning bolts.[2] A Tairen full Asha'man leads them to the throne room where a hundred mean-looking Asha'man stand around Taim. He curtly asks what they want. Pevara says they want to bond men who can channel as Warder. After all, they bonded fifty-one sisters. Mishraile starts to mouth off but Taim knocks him across the room with Air.[3] Melare offers to Heal him but Taim refuses. As a lesson he will be Healed at the end of the day if he still lives. Taim quickly agrees to their request, surprising the sisters. He says to remember the old saying, "Let the lord of chaos rule," and the Asha'man laugh.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The colors of Moridin. Is this happenstance?
[#2] This appears to be the same sigil as on the coach that took the three girls to the Stone of Tear (TDR,Ch51) and on the back of Sammael's throne in Tel'aran'rhiod (TFoH,Ch34).
[#3] Mishraile was about to disclose that other Asha'man are already bonded.
[#4] We learn some more about the Black Tower in ToM,Ch53.

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