TDR: Jarra

Perrin POV#

Moiraine, Lan, Perrin and Loial ride into Jarra late in the evening. Perrin smells a faint, vile odor.[1] At the inn, Harilin's Leap, they are greeted by Simion. He is equally startled by Perrin's eyes and by Loial. He tells them there were several weddings in the last two days. Widow Jorath grabbed old Banas shortly after Rilith, the weaver's daughter unexpectedly wed Jon, the blacksmith.[2] He calls to Nico and Patrim, the stable boys, to take their horses and takes them inside. He takes them inside and introduces the innkeeper, Master Harod. Harod is relieved they are not Whitecloaks. Normally they do not cause trouble, but yesterday some deserted and others tried to burn down his inn.[2] When Perrin, Loial and Simion are alone, Perrin asks if another young man came through recently. Simion says yes, he came through yesterday morning and played the flute for all the weddings, then left in the middle of the night.[3] He headed east. Simion recognized Moiraine as Aes Sedai and asks Perrin if she could help his brother, Noam. Mother Roon cannot help him. Perrin goes to ask Moiraine. She and Lan are angry that he talked to Simion. They already knew Rand was there because of the odd happenings. She says no one knows the effects of ta'veren as strong as Rand. Artur Hawkwing was the strongest since the Age of Legends and Rand is even stronger than he. Nevertheless, Moiraine agrees to try to help. Simion leads Perrin and Moiraine to a stable. Noam, who is locked up, acts feral and has yellow eyes. Moiraine tries to Heal him but fails. She says there is nothing human left in him, then she leaves. Perrin tells Simion that it would be kinder to let Noam run free and Simion does.[4] Simion tells Perrin that the Whitecloaks were looking for a Darkfriend named Perrin Aybara who has yellow eyes,[5] but no Darkfriend would bother to try to help his brother.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The scent of a Gray Man. (TDR,Ch42)
[#2] Rand's ta'veren when he passed through town.
[#3] So they are still about a day behind Rand.
[#4] We learn more about Noam's fate in ToM,Epilogue.
[#5] So Pedron Niall acted fast on Jaret Byar's and Ordeith's news.

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