TDR: Easing the Badger

Perrin POV#

Moiraine, Lan, Perrin, Loial and Faile ride through Illian. They pass through the Square of Tammaz and see the King's Palace and the Great Hall of the Council. Loial is very nervous about running into other Ogier. Ogier from Stedding Shangtai built much of Illian and still do work here. Loial mentions the Ways and Faile overhears. Moiraine and Lan sense something is wrong in the city and Perrin notes that many people look angry. They cross the Bridge of Flowers to the Perfumed Quarter, a particularly smelly part of town near the ocean docks, and arrive at an inn, Easing the Badger. The innkeeper, Nieda, knows Moiraine and greets her as Mistress Mari. Nieda asks if her pigeons have been arriving. Moiraine replies that she has been gone a while but she is sure Adine has received all the reports. Nieda's nephew, Bili, normally prevents fights but this winter she had to hire a singer to keep patrons from fighting. There is a new member of the Council of Nine, Lord Brend, who only arrived this winter. Both Nieda and Bili have dreamed of him on funny bridges in the air.[1] Hearing of dreams, Moiraine is shaken. She asks about a ship to Tear. Nieda replies there are none. There is talk of war and the Council of Nine banned travel to Tear. Strangely, rumors have the army looking north to Murandy. Moiraine comments that she has something to do tonight and smells afraid.[2] When they sit down to dinner, Loial reports that Nieda told him all the Ogier left during the winter. This is very strange as Ogier never leave work unfinished.[3] As they eat dinner, Perrin smells a stink the same as Jarra and Remen. Six Gray Men attack Perrin, but Perrin, Lan, Moiraine and Faile kill them. Only Perrin sensed them. Moiraine just now realizes how important Perrin is. She goes out into the night after telling Lan to take Perrin to Tar Valon if she does not return.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Sounds like the Ways, the same place that Ishamael, Be'lal and Rahvin met in TDR,Ch8. These dreams come from the Forsaken not shielding their dreams. (TDR,Ch53)
[#2] Finding out what powerful evil is invading people's dreams.
[#3] The Ogier were probably afflicted with bad dreams as well.

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