TEotW: Wolfbrother

Perrin POV#

Perrin and Egwene take turns riding Bela. Egwene now has trouble lighting fires with the One Power.[1] In two days they reach forested hills that flatten out in another day. They pass lots of old ruins. Perrin dreams of Ba'alzamon chasing him through mazes. Egwene has nightmares of Shadar Logoth. After about four days they smell smoke. They meet Elyas Machera. He has been watching them for two days. They tell him they are headed for Caemlyn and he tells them they are headed too far north. He seems to know about Aiel. Four wolves come up. Elyas introduces them as Dapple, Burn, Hopper and Wind. Elyas says he talks to them. The wolves came to him, not vice versa. Wolves running with men is older than the Age of Legends. Each wolf knows the history of all wolves. The wolves tell Elyas they can talk to Perrin. Perrin and Egwene make up a story about being from Saldaea,[2] but the wolves know they are lying so Perrin tells Elyas the whole truth except for the Ba'alzamon dreams. Dapple is the leader of the pack. Burn was injured by Trollocs. Elyas avoids Aes Sedai. Talking to wolves has nothing to do with the One Power, but when they learned he could, the Red Ajah wanted to gentle him. He accused them of being Black Ajah and killed two Warder escaping. He says, "Aes Sedai don't like old things coming again. There are other things, other folk." ... "Red Ajah and some others. The Amyrlin..."[3] Perrin knows one of the wolves is named Hopper and starts to feel their presence. Elyas offers to let them stay with him, but they insist on going to Caemlyn so he agrees to escort them back south to the road starting in the morning.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] She successfully channeled a fire the first morning before Perrin found her. (TEotW,Ch20)
[#2] Elyas lived with a Saldaean woman for a year so it is obvious to him that they are lying. (TPoD,Ch10)
[#3] It is not at all clear what he means about the Amyrlin Seat. The timing is vague so it is not even possible to determine which Amyrlin Seat he is thinking about.

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