TPoD: Changes

Perrin POV#

Perrin leaves the Wise Ones' tent with little resolved and passes Masuri beating rugs. Her Warder, Rovair Kirklin, is watching. He stops by Sulin and the Maidens when he sees Gaul approaching with Elyas Machera! The wolves told him where Perrin was. Gaul, the only non-gai'shain Aiel man in camp, asks about Bain and Chiad then leaves. Elyas and Perrin head back to his camp. Elyas says the wolves smell a change coming.[1] He is nervous about the Aes Sedai. He can feel that his Aes Sedai, Rina, is still alive. Most Aes Sedai will free their Warder if he really wants to go, but Elyas ran away. He describes how an Aes Sedai can "fuzz" the Warder bond so that all he can tell is that she is still alive. They talk about the Warder bond and sensing direction, which tweaks Perrin's memory.[2] He gives Perrin some advice on how to handle Saldaean women; he lived with Merya for a year. Saldaean women are not at all like Far Madding women who expect men to obey them. They see Berelain, Annoura, Gallenne and another woman ride up to Perrin's tent. Elyas warns Perrin that Gallenne is not too smart and only knows how to attack. Elyas leaves but agrees to stay with Perrin's party. In the tent Breane and Maighdin are serving punch and Lini puts away cloaks. The other woman is Alliandre Maritha Kigarin, Queen of Ghealdan, Blessed of the Light, Defender of Garen's Wall.

Four days ago Rand took Illian and seven days ago the Seanchan took Ebou Dar.[3] That was the same day Grady and the others sensed the One Power in the sky. She came in secret; Lord Telabin does not know she is gone. She swears fealty to Perrin and through him to Rand. She confirms that the Prophet is in Abila. Balwer was right. Perrin and Gallenne leave to go to the Mayener camp.

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Faile POV#

Faile dismisses the servants and asks Annoura to set up a ward. Annoura told Berelain that Maighdin is a wilder! Faile is beginning to respect Berelain. She insists that Alliandre and some of her troops accompany them south. Alliandre will send messages to her nobles and to Masema that someone has raised the banner of Manetheren and she will chase them down. Faile thinks that she must get word to her people in Bethal that they will not have to kidnap Alliandre after all!

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Perrin POV#

Perrin and Gallenne go to the Mayener camp. Aram is there. There is a crowd around a group of scouts with prisoners. Nurelle has Squadman Ortis report. They caught seven Dragonsworn murdering a family. Perrin has them hanged. It begins to rain.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The weather or something else?
[#2] This is probably his puzzlement at Alanna being able to follow Rand to Dumai's Wells (LoC,Ch54) and/or Rand pointing to Alanna behind his back. (ACoS,Ch2)
[#3] This clearly sets the relative timing of the last five chapters of A Crown of Swords and the first six of The Path of Daggers.

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