TEotW: What Follows in Shadow

Rand POV#

Loial finds an alternate route around the broken bridge and continues to lead Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Perrin, Mat, Egwene and Nynaeve through the Ways. After a day's worth of travel they make camp. Moiraine does not set wards because the One Power is tainted in the Ways. Moiraine thinks Thom is not dead because they would have heard about it in Whitebridge. Also, Min had a viewing of Thom that he is part of the Pattern.[1] Mat gigs Rand about Min making Egwene jealous, then Perrin gigs Egwene about Aram, then Mat gigs Rand about Else Grinwell. They spend an uneasy few hours trying to sleep in the Ways. When they proceed, Lan senses someone or something following them.[2] Later they find Trolloc traces. They are now using the Ways to get around. They must have reached the Two Rivers via the Manetheren Waygate. They find a group of Trollocs swallowed by the stone of the Ways. When the day is nearly past they sense a wind, Machin Shin. They rush madly for the Waygate, but the leaf is missing. Moiraine burns a hole in the door and they exit at mid-morning. Machin Shin arrives. Moiraine channels fire at it, but does not kill it. It cannot leave the Ways. Moiraine's staff is charred by the taint of the Ways so she discards it. She says she will tell Agelmar to send men to guard and wall up the Waygate. They can see Fal Dara in the distance and head for it.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is there anything else about Min's viewing that Moiraine is not disclosing?
[#2] Padan Fain

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