TFoH: A Wager

Rand POV#

Late at night Rand stands on a bridge over the river in the town of Eianrod. He hopes that he has stayed out late enough that Moiraine has given up waiting on him. Last night she begged him to let her stay. He notes how dry everything is and thinks that Asmodean and Semirhage are both poor at weather. That is a Lews Therin memory. Several Maidens stand guard nearby.

Sulin comes over and tells him that they gave up gambling because everyone started throwing all sixes. Rand knows that it is just one of his ta'veren effects. There is some good and some bad. Bael and Jheran mended the blood feud between Shaarad and Goshien. Tal Nethin tripped on flat ground and broke his neck.

Rand comments that he has not seen Adelin or Enaila for days. Sulin will only say that they are playing with dolls. Several horsemen ride up with a heavy Aiel escort. They are Tairens and Cairhienin from the city of Cairhien. Rhuarc and Mangin, a Jindo Taardad, lead the Aiel. Edorion of House Selorna and Estean of House Andiama lead the Tairens. Meresin of House Daganred and Daricain of House Annallin lead the Cairhienin. They report that Couladin and the Shaido attacked Cairhien and laid siege. Their party escaped the city to seek help. Baran was killed. High Lord Meilan is leading the defense. Rand thinks Elayne is still in Tanchico. Rhuarc says his Aiel can be there in seven days. Edorion wagers a thousand crowns that they will not make it that fast. Sulin says make it ten thousand. Rand sends the men back to Cairhien to report. Meresin swears that he will speak to no one but his father[1] or High Lord Meilan and then the men return to their horses. Sulin explains to Rand that, as Car'a'carn, he is entitled to a tenth of the fifth that the Aiel took at Tear, so he is rich. He wishes Elayne were there to explain taxes to him. Mangin grabs Estean and demands to know the conditions in Cairhien. Rand tells the Aiel that the men are allies and to treat them accordingly. Rhuarc wants to send scouts and they agree on Thunder Walkers which annoys the Maidens. Rand goes to his rooms to get some sleep.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Evidently Meresin's father is of high standing, possibly High Seat, of House Daganred, but he is never identified by name.

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