TFoH: Glowing Embers

Rand POV#

It is later the same day. Rand is in a window of the throne room of the Royal Palace watching Mat, Aviendha and Asmodean in a garden below. He overheard Sulin tell Aviendha that she is no longer a Maiden so she cannot help hunt Trollocs.

Enaila and Somara enter. Bael is leading the hunt for Trollocs. They brought him the same soup Lamelle used to make. None of the servants have returned to the palace yet.[1]

A short man enters and introduces himself as Davram Bashere, Marshal-General of Saldaea. He says he came to see Morgase, but Gaebril's men put him off. Rand tells him that Gaebril killed Morgase and he killed Gaebril. He is holding the throne for Elayne. Bashere tells Rand that Tenobia sent him to retake Mazrim Taim after the White Tower let him escape. He left the rest of his army camped in Braem Wood. Rand tells Bashere that he is announcing an amnesty for men who can channel. Bashere asks if he means to rule the world. Rand says he only intends to impose peace and unity for the Last Battle by whatever means necessary. Bashere says he has read the Karaethon Cycle and so has Tenobia. He cannot speak for Saldaea, but he will offer his services and nine thousand cavalry until he can get a message back to Saldaea.[2] Rand thinks of Sammael in Illian, the rest of the Forsaken, and the Seanchan. He says there will be blood and death before there is peace. Bashere says there always is.

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Asmodean POV#

Asmodean leaves Mat and Aviendha. As he walks down a hall, he recognizes balefire damage and does not want to think about it. He still feels loyalty to the Great Lord despite what he says for Rand. He is glad that Rahvin and Lanfear are dead, especially her for what she did to him. He will hold onto the small chance he has for as long as he can. "He pulled open a small door, intending to find his way to the pantry. There should be some decent wine. One step, and he stopped, the blood draining from his face. 'You? No!' The word still hung in the air when death took him."[3]

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Morgase POV#

Morgase, Lini, Tallanvor, Basel Gill , Breane and Lamgwin are in Altara. They tried to find Gareth Bryne in Kore Springs, but he was already gone. They left the village of Sehar and are heading to Cormaed where they heard they can get a ferry across the river[4] to Amadicia. She thinks she will find her allies where she can, and woe to Gaebril or any man who thinks he can sit on her throne.

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"And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him.
And the Peace of the Light did he give men.
Binding nations to him. Making one of many.
Yet the shards of hearts did give wounds.
And what was once did come again
—in fire and in storm
splitting all in twain.
For his peace...
—for his peace...
...was the peace...
...was the peace...
...of the sword.
And the Glory of the Light did shine upon him.

—from "Glory of the Dragon"
composed by Meane sol Ahelle, the Fourth Age"

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So what were two servants doing wandering the palace earlier? (TFoH,Ch54)
[#2] Apparently nothing ever comes of this message. The next we hear from Saldaea, Tenobia is none too pleased with Bashere. (TPoD,Prologue)
[#3] Perhaps the most discussed mystery of the series. Who killed Asmodean? See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 1.1.6. Also see Bob's theory. Also, see the Glossary of Towers of Midnight.
[#4] The Eldar River

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