TGH: The Welcome

Rand POV#

Rand hurries through Fal Dara on the way to his room. The people he passes along the way keep mentioning that the Amyrlin is there for him and his friends. He finds Elansu, the shatayan, and seven other women collecting his clothes as well as Mat's and Perrin's. They are working under orders from Moiraine. She ordered every stitch of old clothing removed.[1] Lady Amalisa had new clothes made for them. Rand's new clothes are elegant like a lord's with embroidery of herons and serpents with four legs and a lion's mane. Rand particularly misses his boots which were made by Alwyn al'Van, the Emond's Field cobbler. Rand prepares a pack to leave, gathering as much as he can. Hidden under Rand's bed is a gleeman's cloak containing two cases. One has a harp and the other a flute.[2] He includes these as well. Rand heads for the north stables, the Lord's Stables, where Red is. On his way, he crosses the main courtyard. The courtyard is filled with people watching the arrival of the Amyrlin. The arriving procession includes sixteen Aes Sedai[3] and fourteen Warder.[4] Lord Agelmar and Ronan, the shambayan, greet the Amyrlin. Rand feels as though he has been touched when the Amyrlin's gaze passes over him.[5] He hurries on. At the stables, Tema greets him as a lord.[6] Rand asks him for his horse, but Tema explains that he just received orders that no horse may leave from any stable. The gates are closed as well. Rand asks if the order came from Lord Agelmar. Tema explains that he did not receive the order directly, but who else would issue such an order?[7] The bells in the tower ring to announce that the Welcome is finished. Rand takes off running.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Traces may have fallen into the hands of Shadowspawn that would allow them to be tracked. (TGH,Ch5)
[#2] The cloak and its contents were Thom's.
[#3] The Aes Sedai and their Warder include:

[#4] The original text stated that there were also sixteen Warder. The two Green Ajah sisters have four Warder with them. (TGH,Ch12) With none for the Reds, that means every other Aes Sedai has a Warder to total sixteen, yet Leane's Warder, Anjen, died fifteen years ago and she never bonded another. (LoC,Ch30) Also, we learn in CoT,Ch16 that Carlinya has no Warder either. The count has been corrected to fourteen in the most recent printings.
[#5] Siuan later recounts her viewpoint. (TGH,Ch5)
[#6] The Shienarans consider Rand a lord although he denies it continuously. We learn that from Lan that the royal 'al' names him king according to Malkier custom.
[#7] It was not Agelmar. (TGH,Ch6) Most likely it was Moiraine.

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