TGS: A Promise to Lews Therin

Cadsuane POV#

Cadsuane walks through Bandar Eban to The Wind's Favor. The innkeeper, Quillin Tasil, is a good source of information. He is Andoran but his wife is a retired, wealthy Domani merchant. His daughter Namine is Brown Ajah and works in the Tower library. She asks him about Alsalam and Quillin says no one has really seen him in half a year. There are 24,000 Aiel in the city. Rand's ta'veren effect is now all negative with no positive balance. After she leaves the inn she plans what to do next. She realizes she mishandled Rand. The sad bracelets were not her fault. The Seanchan had made others, so that one was taken specifically to sow mistrust.

As she approaches the docks, she turns to see Rand and his entourage approaching her. She seems to accidentally run into him quite often.[1] She still sees darkness around him from the corner of her eye and it terrifies her. She has failed trying to guide him. He trusts no one but Min. She returns to the mansion; Aiel now camp where Dobraine had his men. She goes to the Wise Ones' area and finds Sorilea, Amys and the others. She admits she has failed and they say she has no toh. She says she has a plan and they want to hear it.[2]

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Rand POV#

Rand rides Tai'daishar through Bandar Eban with his entourage including Naeff, Flinn and Nynaeve. Naeff is bonded to Nelavaire Demasiellin, a Green sister. He was one of the Queen's Guards in Andor until he left in disgust after Gaebril took over. They are going to review activity unloading and dispersing food at the docks. Rand spots Cadsuane and thinks she is following him.[1] Naeff and Bashere have been negotiating a meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. The Seanchan rejected Katar so Rand proposes Falme even though it is deep in their territory. Lews Therin has been quiet lately.

Rand asks Nynaeve if Lan is riding to Malkier and she admits that he is. He will reach Tarwin's Gap in two or three months. Rand says that if he attacks with only a small force he deserves what he will get. Nynaeve is shocked and angry.

When they return to the mansion he meets with Rhuarc. Rand still has not decided what to do about Alsalam. Rhuarc reports that they found another of the Council of Merchants, Alamindra Cutren. Meashan Dubaris is dead. That makes four captured and two dead. They need four more for a legal vote for a new king. Milisair Chadmar stands to the side looking disheveled. Rand dismisses Rhuarc then summons her. She reluctantly reports that the messenger from Alsalam is dead. Jalani reports that they caught her trying to flee. Lord Piqor Ramshalan who hates her suggests she should be executed. Rand orders her locked in her own dungeon where she held the messenger. Rand asks if any others of the Merchant Council have heard from the king and a clerk named Noreladim reports that they have not. Lews Therin points out that if Graendal sent the messenger then Rand would never have been able to break his Compulsion.

After she is taken away Nynaeve confronts him about Lan again. She asks if he cares about Perrin and Mat. Rand sees an image of Perrin with Galad, now a Whitecloak.[3] He then sees Mat and Thom riding through a city, perhaps Caemlyn.[4] Rand tells Nynaeve that they are alive and well. He just knows. She asks him again if he cares and he replies that he only cares about the Last Battle. She tells him that he is destroying himself and he explodes at her. He looks forward to dying as much as Lews Therin.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Curious. Is the Pattern pulling them together?
[#2] We learn the details of the plan and its outcome in TGS,Ch48.
[#3] A quick look into Towers of Midnight. Perrin and Galad will apparently meet. (ToM,Ch10)
[#4] And another look into Towers of Midnight. Mat and his army are headed to Caemlyn to reunite with the rest of the Band and to learn about the Tower of Ghenjei. (ToM,Ch8)

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