TGS: The Plan for Arad Doman

Nynaeve POV#

In the manor house, Nynaeve and Daigian talk. Nynaeve feels a terrible storm coming. Daigian does not treat Nynaeve as full Aes Sedai even though Egwene raised her and Elayne to the shawl. She is teaching Nynaeve the weaves to the test.[1] Nynaeve has also not sworn on the Oath Rod. Daigian and the other sisters with Cadsuane do not openly support either Egwene and the rebels or Elaida and the White Tower. Daigian still feels the loss of her Warder Eben but she will not allow an attempt at Healing. Would Nynaeve want to be Healed of her grief if she lost Lan? Corele suggested the lessons as a distraction for Daigian. Nynaeve is glad the access key that she used was destroyed.[2] It is too much power for anyone. She is glad that Cadsuane will not let Rand have the male access key back.

Nynaeve sees Cadsuane and Corele crossing the courtyard purposefully and hurries to join them. She sees male Aiel and realizes that the clan chiefs have arrived. She wonders if Aviendha is with them. She thinks Rand still gets into trouble like he and Mat used to in Emond's Field. She regrets Moiraine taking them away, but knows they would be dead otherwise. She goes to the largest Aiel tent where she finds Rand, Bashere and Min with guards. She wonders if Rand is mad like Semirhage said. She thinks it is a mistake to hold Semirhage after her experience holding, then losing Moghedien.

Cadsuane and Corele enter. Nynaeve refuses to respect Cadsuane's age; old Cenn Buie has the sense of a pile of rocks. Others enter, Merise, Narishma and her other Warder[3], Damer Flinn, Elza Penfell. Finally Rhuarc and Bael arrive with Aviendha and other Wise Ones, Amys, Bair and Melaine. Rand unfairly chides them for not restoring order to Arad Doman yet. Bael says that Dobraine Taborwin has Bandar Eban under control, but Alsalam and the Council of Merchants have disappeared. Rand thinks Graendal may have him. Rand says they must bring peace and stop the fighting against the Seanchan to show good faith for his meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Rand will personally deal with Rodel Ituralde. He orders Rhuarc and Bael to find and hold the members of the Council.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Details of test for the shawl in NS,Ch8 and NS,Ch9.
[#2] Apparently few, if any outside the Amayar, know that the Choedan Kal itself was destroyed, too.
[#3] They are Bassane and Nethan.

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