TSR: The Road to the Spear

Rand POV#

Rand enters the circle of glass columns and sees Muradin standing ahead of him. He takes another step.

He is Mandein, a young sept chief. His wife, Sealdre, tells him he must agree to what the Jenn ask. As he goes to meet them, he recalls that his greatfather, Comran, began trade with the Ogier stedding in the Dragonwall and that his greatfather, Rhodric, fought invaders from across the Dragonwall. Mandein joins several other Aiel chiefs to meet with three of the Jenn, Dermon, Mordaine and Narisse. There are two Aes Sedai with them. One of the other chiefs is Charendin. The Jenn tell them that those who would be leaders must come to Rhuidean to learn of their past. One of the Aes Sedai cites the Aiel prophecy of the one who will lead them all:

"The stone that never falls will fall to announce his coming. Of the blood, but not raised by the blood, he will come from Rhuidean at dawn, and tie you together with bonds you cannot break. He will take you back, and he will destroy you."

Mandein is the first of the chiefs to agree to go to Rhuidean.

Rand is confused about the Jenn. They looked like Aiel but carried no weapons. Ahead, Muradin is frowning fiercely. Rand takes another step.

He is a twenty year old Rhodric. Jeordam, his greatfather, is at the well drawing water. Some men ride up and their leader, Garam, tells Rhodric that they still have permission to draw water. Garam is confused. He does not understand the difference between Rhodric and Jeordam who are Aiel and those they accompany, the Jenn Aiel. Jeordam arrives and Garam tells him the Jenn are moving east across the Spine of the World. There are four Aes Sedai with the Jenn. Garam says his father's Aes Sedai advisor told him that the Aes Sedai hired Ogier stonemasons to build them a new city.[1] Garam says his people will build a great city as well.[2] Rhodric thinks it is appropriate that they will cross the Dragonwall because their secret name is the People of the Dragon.

Rand realizes he was with the Aiel before they came to the Aiel Waste. He is nearer to Muradin who looks uneasy. Rand takes another step.

He is Jeordam at eighteen. His father, Lewin, leads one of the septs of Aiel who accompany the Jenn. Several Jenn ask him for help so he takes them to Lewin. One of them, Morin, explains that they traded with some villagers, but the villagers came back in the night, robbed them, and kidnapped some of them including Morin's daughter, Kirin. Lewin promises to bring them back. He tells them they can stay at his tents, but they must help defend if they do. Only one man goes back to the Jenn wagons. Morin takes a spear along with the men.[3] Jeordam begins to teach her how to use it. Morin tells him she saw his face in a dream.

Muradin is only a pace or two ahead of Rand and he is snarling. Rand takes another step.

He is Lewin. Lewin is with his friends Luca, Gearan, Charlin and Alijha on a hill. They are wearing dust veils to hide their faces. Lewin's sister, Maigran, and Charlin's and Alijha's sister, Colline, were kidnapped by four bandits and are being held in the camp below. The five boys plan to rescue them. Lewin's greatfather, Adan, and the rest of the Aiel have already written the girls off as dead. The boys approach the camp, but the men are awake and attack. They boys kill all four men. Charlin is also killed. They go back to the wagons where Adan, Nerrine and Saralin are waiting. Nerrine is Colline's mother. Saralin is Lewin's mother. When they hear what the boys did, Adan tells them that they are no longer Da'shain.[4] They are strangers and are not welcome at the wagons of the Aiel. Lewin shouts, "I am still Aiel!"[5]

Rand still feels the pain of Lewin's loss. He is abreast of Muradin who quivers and snarls. Rand takes another step.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

Summary of the genealogy:

[#1] This will be Tar Valon.
[#2] This will be Al'cair'rahienallen. Garam and his people are the ancestors of the Cairhienin.
[#3] The first Maiden of the Spear.
[#4] Da'shain = "one who is sworn to peace"
[#5] This is the split between the Aiel and the Jenn.

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