TSR: Questioners

Egwene POV#

Egwene and Nynaeve wait with Aviendha in the room where two prisoners are being questioned. They are waiting for Moiraine and Elayne to return. They are angry because Moiraine said she would help with the questioning, but Careen fetched her away with a message.[1] Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve are pretending to be full Aes Sedai to keep the Tairens under control. Moiraine knows and is not giving them away. Aviendha is with them on Moiraine's orders.[2] Nynaeve has started wearing colors that Lan likes. They discuss whether or not they should go to Tanchico. The prisoners are the captured Black Ajah, Joiya of the Gray Ajah[3] and Amico. Amico was stilled when she was captured. She looks different now. Aviendha notes that she no longer looks ageless.[4] Amico tells them again that they should go to Tanchico. In the White Tower she only knew of Liandrin, Chesmal and Rianna.[5] She overheard a conversation where Liandrin told Temaile that there is something in Tanchico dangerous to Rand and almost as dangerous to whoever uses it.[6] Nynaeve angrily says they should now question Joiya. Joiya says she repents her sins. Liandrin means to break free Mazrim Taim and set him up as the Dragon Reborn. They will then set him on a path of destruction and blame it on Rand. Egwene thinks this story is more plausible, but she still believes Amico. The door bangs open and Moiraine and Elayne enter.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] To help Rand.
[#2] Because Moiraine has sensed that she has the ability to channel.
[#3] Early printings of The Shadow Rising incorrectly give her Ajah as White.
[#4] Earlier printings had her in her early twenties. This was corrected to put her in her mid thirties so she would have some of the ageless look. (TDR,Ch25)
[#5] Liandrin only knew one of her twelve companions as Black Ajah when they fled the White Tower. (TFoH,Ch18) So that was Amico. That means that Amico, Chesmal and Rianna were a Black Ajah heart.
[#6] This is the truth. (TSR,Ch38) The dangerous item is the sad bracelets. (TSR,Ch54)

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