TFoH: A Hound of Darkness

Liandrin POV#

Liandrin returns to the manor house of Jorin Arene and Amellia Arene in Amador. They are rich merchants who are actually Darkfriends. Their cook is Evon. Liandrin has been out looking for word from the White Tower. She has heard nothing since she learned that Elaida deposed Siuan.[1] Amellia Arene meets her with news that she has a visitor. Liandrin wonders who it might be. She only knew one of the twelve Black Ajah who left with her.[2] She knows that Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve were responsible for the two who are dead, but she does not believe that they were in Tanchico despite Jeaine's claim. Jorin Arene is permanently damaged due to Temaile's ministrations and even Chesmal cannot Heal him.

The other ten of the Black Ajah are in the drawing room with a woman Liandrin recognizes as Gyldin. Temaile is serving her tea. The woman reveals herself to be Moghedien and briefly tortures and compels Liandrin to demonstrate her strength. Liandrin tells her they receive their orders from the White Tower, but Moghedien tells her they will answer to her now. Liandrin is surprised that Moghedien does not seem to know who is the head of the Black Ajah in the White Tower. Moghedien shows disdain for the current Black Ajah saying they did not taste the victory at Paaran Disen nor the defeat at the Asar Don. She then issues orders. Rianna looks slightly relieved at her orders.[3] Marillin looks surprised, then eager.[4] Jeaine looks horrified and shakes her head.[5] Berylla Naron[6] and Falion[8] show little expression. Liandrin thinks that Berylla Naron is a manipulator and a plotter.[7] Ispan kisses Moghedien's hem, but shows no other reaction.[8] Moghedien then summons the other five, Liandrin, Temaile, Chesmal, Asne and Eldrith, and tells them they are to hunt Nynaeve and capture her alive. Liandrin hates wilders even though she began to channel a year before she went to the White Tower. Moghedien tells them Nynaeve was in the village of Sienda two days before, but she has now vanished.[9] Liandrin thinks that she can be loyal for this task.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] How does the Black Ajah get word to her in Amador?
[#2] Amico (TSR,Ch5) The other two members of Liandrin's Black Ajah heart are not known.
[#3] No clue what Rianna's orders are. She is never heard from again.
[#4] Marillin is sent to Caemlyn where she is occasionally spotted (LoC,Ch10, LoC,Ch42, LoC,Ch45) and finally rejoins the action. (WH,Ch10)
[#5] No clue what Jeaine's orders are. She is never heard from again.
[#6] No clue what Berylla Naron's orders are. She is never heard from again.
[#7] The two Aes Sedai in Liandrin's group with unassigned Ajahs are Berylla Naron and Amico. They are Blue and Yellow. This characterization makes it most likely that Berylla Naron is Blue Ajah and Amico is Yellow.
[#8] Falion and Ispan are sent to Ebou Dar to search for the *angreal stash.
[#9] How does she know that? Surely Galad is not a Darkfriend. (TFoH,Ch16, TFoH,Ch17) It is possible that she spied on Nynaeve's and Egwene's meeting in Tel'aran'rhiod (TFoH,Ch14), but she seems to have more information. Most likely she has Darkfriend spies reporting to her.

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