ToM: Shanna'har

Faile POV#

Faile walks through the camp in early evening. They scouts have gone to Cairhien. Perrin and the Whitecloaks exchange letters stalling while Elyas and the Aiel scout a way to free the captives. She thinks she will have to deal with Berelain soon. She reflects on running away from Saldaea to avoid her inevitable responsibilities, but now she is exercising those same responsibilities. Without her training Aravine would be running the camps. Faile reaches the quartermaster Bavin Rockshaw. He has been taking bribes. She casually mentions oddities like Torven Rikshan, a Cairhienin lord, getting his meals ahead of other camps and Soffi Moraton getting her tent repaired long before Varkel Tius. She hopes he can get these attended to so Perrin does not get angry. Only recently has there been rapid spoilage in the camps. It is time for her meeting with Perrin. Deira did not tell her how fulfilling her responsibilities would be.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin stands on a hilltop where he can see the cliffs of Garen's Wall. Faile asked for him to meet her here at dusk and she arrives. He still feels guilty over Gill and the others being captured. He still refuses to accept himself as a leader. He says he would have given himself up in the Two Rivers, but not now. She asks if he thinks Queen Morgase would abdicate to tyrants.[1] After seeing how folks fawned over Luc they would want someone as lord. They might pick someone good like Bran al'Vere or Tam but it might be someone like Cenn Buie. She announces that there are plans for the evening. Servants arrived with canvas a blanket and a fine meal. Faile says their one year anniversary is coming, their shanna'har.[2] They endured a lot, the winter, Malden and the Prophet and there are the Whitecloaks and the Last Battle to come so they should savor the moment. They discuss his leadership. He thinks he has weaknesses that make him a poor leader. Faile cites Saldaean rulers, Nikiol Dianatkhah, Belairah, Jonasim and Lyonford, all of whom had weaknesses but were still great monarchs. He shares with her his first contact with the Whitecloaks when he killed two, the frenzy he felt, and his fear that he will end like Noam. He finally tells about Hopper. She shares some of her trials in Malden and he vows to find Sevanna. He thinks she might have been fond of the Brotherless he killed[3] but he does not mind. Perrin feels like he finally has Faile back.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Ironic choice! However Morgase abdicated so Elayne could have the throne.
[#2] This appears to be the Old Tongue but there is no translation.
[#3] Rolan

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