ToM: The Right Thing

Egwene POV#

Egwene and Siuan plan for their meeting tonight to trap Mesaana. Yukiri and her group[1] have found nothing new. In her rooms, Silviana reports to Egwene that there is no news from Gawyn.[2] She tells Silviana to send another messenger then prepares for sleep.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin climbs down from Stepper feeling exhausted though he did nothing but talk. The trial weighs on him. Faile, Alliandre and Berelain are all angry with Morgase. Morgase goes to find Gill, Lini and the others. The Whitecloaks returned all the captives and the supplies as well. Gaul is disappointed that there was no fight. Faile is angry with him for accepting judgment but Perrin is adamant that they need every man for the Last Battle. He feels like the awaiting trap is about to spring. He is going to the wolf dream to get rid of the dome and confront Slayer. He tells Faile to get his army to Whitebridge as soon as Traveling works again. If he is not back in an hour she is to get the army marching to the perimeter Neald found. He thinks Slayer is actually Lord Luc. It is no coincidence that they run into Whitecloaks as soon as they finish with Malden, that Slayer is back and that they are close to where Perrin met Noam. Perrin must face this.

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Galad POV#

Galad gives orders to Harnesh to strike camp and begin marching to Lugard. Bornhald acts upset and Byar is insubordinate in his anger before he leaves. Bornhald is not so certain any more that Perrin killed his father. He must be a Darkfriend as he killed Lathin and Yamwick. Galad counters that he also killed a Whitecloak.[3] Both of them are troubled about events of the day.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin appears in the wolf dream and calls for Hopper who answers. He wonders if Slayer enters the same as he does.[4] Hopper says he is always in the wolf dream now, guarding the dome. Besides Hopper, only Oak Dancer, Sparks and Boundless are left. The others have all gone north. Perrin can now walk through the dome with barely a stumble. As they near the center of the dome Slayer attacks but Perrin and the wolves fight back. Slayer kills Oak Dancer and seriously wounds Sparks. Perrin chases Slayer until he gets a sending from Sparks who found an object. Perrin goes to him finding a two foot metal spike.[5] He sends the wolves to distract Slayer then begins moving the dome a few miles at a time heading north.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Saerin and Seaine
[#2] Gawyn sent the messenger back but he did not make it. (ToM,Ch38)
[#3] Eamon Valda
[#4] He does not. He moves back and forth between the real world and the wolf dream at will, a gift from the Dark One.
[#5] The dreamspike

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