WH: An Offer

Mat POV#

A few days pass. There is news of a man with his throat ripped out and Mat knows it was the gholam feeding. Vanin, Harnan and the other Redarms still refuse to leave. Olver enjoys his lessons with Riselle and Thom often visits her as well. Mat and Olver play Snakes and Foxes every night. Thom and Beslan often go out and Mat is afraid they are planning something foolish. Juilin gets caught upstairs[1] and is beaten for it.

More Seanchan immigrants arrive every day. There are also lots of exotic Seanchan beasts, torm, corlm, raken, to'raken and s'redit. The Ogier Gardeners are fearsome, nothing like Loial. There are all sorts of rumors about the Dragon Reborn. Mat tries not to think of Rand or Perrin because of the flashes of color that he sees. Mat would like to leave with Luca so he can keep close to Aludra and her secrets.

Mat goes to The Wandering Woman. Many high ranking Seanchan stay there. As Mat arrives, a Banner-General of the Deathwatch Guard leaves.[2] Mat meets with Setalle Anan. She asks him about Elayne, Nynaeve and the Kin. She agrees to hide his traveling clothes and some gold for him. Seanchan coins have the Empress' face on one side and the Crystal Throne on the other. Mat returns to the palace where Nerim and Lopin say they finally found Mat's clothes hidden in Beslan's closet. Mat has them take his clothes to The Wandering Woman. Every day they take some gold as well.

Mat leaves his ashandarei in Tylin's room. Mat searches the city and finally finds a bellfounder, Calwyn Sutoma, but he knows nothing of Illuminators and chases Mat away. He is too busy making bells for a celebration commissioned by Suroth. Mat gets closer to Aludra, but she still will tell him nothing.

Suroth, Tuon, Anath and Selucia are often with Tylin. Anath continually berates Tuon and Suroth seems shocked by it.[3] One day he enters Tylin's quarters and sees Tuon examining his ashandarei. She tells him she is buying it but he refuses to sell. Mat runs into Tuon more often than chance allows.[4] After several days of moving clothes and gold, Mat decides to go back to The Wandering Woman to check on his stash himself.

More Mat POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Visiting Amathera.
[#2] This must be Furyk Karede.
[#3] Suroth's reaction to Anath would seem to imply that she does not know who Anath really is.
[#4] Tuon's interest in Mat is the result of that Foretelling (WH,Ch14) and his ring. (KoD,Ch26)

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