ACoS: As the Plow Breaks the Earth

Rand POV#

He is in Cairhien with clan chiefs Janwin, Mandelain and Indirian. Merana is there and Rand has her warded off as a demonstration for the clan chiefs. She also serves them tea. She came with Sorilea early this morning to offer to help any way she can. He always feels Alanna who also told him he needed the Aes Sedai's help. Dashiva and Narishma are there, too. Dashiva acts as though he is hearing voices. They are discussing what to do about the Shaido who cannot be killed or made gai'shain. Timolan's Miagoma are already near Kinslayer's Dagger. Indirian reports that Sarinde, a Wise One from Red Springs Hold, clan hold of the Codarra, says the Wise Ones will run with the algai'd'siswai to fight the Shaido Wise Ones. Mandelain has two wives, Corehuin and Jair, like Bael and Rhuarc. The other clan chiefs have one wife except Timolan who is widowed. Rand thinks of a quote from the Karaethon Prophecy:

  • "As the plow breaks the earth shall he break the lives of men, and all that was shall be consumed in the fire of his eyes. The trumpets of war shall sound at his footsteps, the ravens feed at his voice, and he shall wear a crown of swords."

The clan chiefs leave. Dashiva tilts his head, bird-like, talking to Rand.

Riallin, one of the Maidens standing guard at the door, comes in and says that Berelain and Annoura want an audience. Berelain is mad because Rand sent her a letter sending her back to Mayene. Lews Therin hums and thumbs his earlobe when he sees pretty women. Rand sent the letter because she makes him nervous; she is too pretty. She returned from the Sea Folk this morning and was attacked. Rand thinks it was a Colavaere supporter. Dobraine told him people would pay to have both Berelain and Faile killed. He has other plans for Faile.[1] Lord Captain Gallenne is head of all the Winged Guards. Rand will replace her with Dobraine until Elayne returns. Berelain reports that Wavemistress Harine is mad at being ignored. Rand is crucial in Sea Folk prophecies but they will not say how. Rand sees more swirling colors. Lews Therin is a real letch.

Riallin announces Cadsuane Melaidhrin as she enters the chamber. Merana yells for her not to harm Rand. Cadsuane says she has been growing roses in northern Ghealdan. Annoura thought she was dead. Cadsuane dismisses Berelain. She is Green Ajah, but has faced more men who can channel than any four Reds. She did not hunt them; she just seems to have a nose. She asks if he is hearing voices yet. Lews Therin is listening. She says voices are part of the taint madness.[2] Dashiva gives raucous laugh.[3] Lews Therin is gone.[4] Cadsuane asks if she can consult with Annoura and Merana and they all leave. Rand wonders if Lews Therin is real or if he is going mad. He has lots of memories from Lews Therin.

Riallin brings in Idrien Tarsin with news that Herid Fel was killed.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Sending her with Perrin to Ghealdan. Rand will also send Berelain along to keep her out of danger. (ACoS,Ch27)
[#2] Cadsuane deliberately antagonizes Rand to see what he is made of. (ACoS,Ch19)
[#3] Does this imply Dashiva hears voices, too?
[#4] He reappears while Rand is in Illian roughly sixteen days later. (TPoD,Ch14) For a discussion of Lews Therin and his disappearance see the FAQ, Section 2.1.6.

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