ACoS: Blades

Min POV#

Caraline warns Rand there are seven Aes Sedai in the tent. Four are Red and are on their way to Tar Valon from the south.[1] Toram Riatin is vindictive. Once he pushed his friend Derowin down stairs because he rode his horse. They start to fight and appear very even. Suddenly a thick fog[2] snatches away the tent and, while everyone looks around, Toram Riatin smashes Rand in the side. The fog snatches away a Red Aes Sedai. Toram Riatin thinks Rand is attacking them. Cadsuane is with Samitsu of the Yellow Ajah and Niande of the Gray Ajah. Samitsu wishes they had brought their Warder; hers is Roshan. There are lots of dead. When the fog nears a woman, Rand balefires it. Realizing who Rand really is, Toram Riatin runs off, but Darlin does not. Cadsuane slaps Rand and tells him never to do that again. He tells her Lews Therin was real. Fain leaps out of the fog.[2] Min throws her knife at him but misses and he slices Rand with the ruby dagger. Darlin lunges at Fain, but he runs off. Cadsuane tries to Heal Rand, but she is not very good at it. Samitsu does her best and helps. Samitsu says the old scar and the new wound are both full of evil, but different kinds. She is the best Healer of all Aes Sedai.

They all scramble through the fog, Darlin carrying Rand. They come out five miles south of Cairhien. A farmer, Ander Tol, gives them a ride. Cadsuane says to take them to Arilyn's. Samitsu and Corele are the best Healers. Min says no; go to the Sun Palace. If Rand wakes with strange Aes Sedai again... Cadsuane agrees. In the wagon Cadsuane forces her to tell what happened to Rand. Caraline and Darlin are stunned. Samitsu and Niande puke at idea that three sisters were stilled. Cadsuane says, "Do not be afraid, boy. They made my task harder, and yours, but I will not hurt you more than I must."

They all go to the palace. Once they arrive Caraline and Darlin disappear.[3] Rand is shuffled into bed. Kiruna and Bera show up. Amys shows up and sends them off - Kiruna back to Sorilea. Cadsuane likes Amys and wants to meet Sorilea. Dashiva, Flinn, Narishma show up. Dashiva calls for Flinn. Dashiva makes guttural sound and Flinn asks if he sees something. Dashiva says he has no Talent for Healing; he just suggested that Flinn learn. Dashiva says, "If he dies. . . ," talks to himself and makes a sound half sob half bitter laugh.[4] Flinn was in the Queen's Guards for forty years. He saw lots of wounds. That is why he went to the Black Tower. At Dashiva's suggestion, the M'Hael taught him Healing, a rough kind that hurts. While talking to Dashiva, he wondered why it is all the same, whether a broken bone or a cold. He finishes with Rand. He did not cure him, but sealed off the two evils.[5] Maybe they will kill off each other. Samitsu is astounded and wants Flinn to teach her. Cadsuane, Amys and Dashiva all have unreadable auras dancing around them. Min curls up on the bed with Rand.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] No clue to their identities or what their mission was or is.
[#2] The fog is a "bubble of evil." It was not something caused by Fain. (The Path of Daggers,Glossary,Daved Hanlon)
[#3] They accept Cadsuane's "hospitality" at Lady Arilyn's palace. (TPoD,Ch27)
[#4] The consequences of Rand's death must be dire, indeed, for Osan'gar to be so upset at the possibility.
[#5] He seals off the two wounds with a ward of saidin. (WH,Ch11)

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