ACoS: Spears

Galina Casban POV#

Nine days after Dumai's Wells, Galina is captive of Therava and about seventy Shaido Wise Ones. She has been Aes Sedai less than ninety years, Highest of the Red Ajah almost twenty, and Black Ajah all but five. She is second to Alviarin; only two others know Alviarin is the head. She helped break two Amyrlins, one supposedly died in her sleep,[1] Siuan deposed and stilled. She is shielded by Micara, the weakest of the Wise Ones. Galina could break the shield, but she was severely punished when she tried to escape twice before. They arrive at Sevanna's camp. In Sevanna's tent with fourteen Wise Ones, Sevanna accuses her of lying and murder, but apparently does not know about the Black Ajah. They call her da'tsang ("despised" in the Old Tongue) put a black robe on her and lead her out.

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Sevanna POV#

Watching Galina work, Rhiale tells Sevanna that Efalin and the other Wise Ones think Galina admitted killing Desaine. Therava wanted her as gai'shain. Caddar and Maisia appear, dressed as they were six days ago. Caddar gives Sevanna a binder saying he got it yesterday.[2] He tells her it is activated by Spirit and that it is only for women who can channel. He implies he has something that will control Rand.[3] He mentions a binding chair for those who cannot channel, but he does not know where one is. Caddar brought "traveling boxes," nar'baha. He tells her they need to use them today because Rand is coming with four clans. Rand's bound Aes Sedai taught their Wise Ones how to Travel short distances so they can be here today.[4] He tells her the boxes use saidin and a woman must not touch it; they must wait three days before using them again.[5] Sevanna thinks Caddar wants gold. She does not think he will betray her, but she takes precautions anyway.[6]

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Maeric POV#

He is looking through a gateway. It appeared when he pressed the red spot on a "traveling box." He sees rolling hills.[7] Sevanna steps through another with the wetlander (Caddar) and a dark woman (Maisia) following the Wise Ones she and Rhiale picked. There are very few Wise Ones left with the Moshaine Shaido. He can see Sevanna talking to Bendhuin; the Green Salts sept has few Wise Ones also. Dyrele, his wife and roofmistress, is with him. He goes through the gateway followed by six thousand of his sept. He plans to be clan chief of the Shaido. There are also some men who fled their clans and joined the Shaido, Mera'din ("Brotherless" in the Old Tongue). The gateway snaps shut killing some. His son Darin, a Stone Dog, and daughter Suraile, a Maiden, had not come through yet; they are left behind. A Maiden, Naeise, arrives with news that seven to eight thousand Reyn are coming from the east. Cairdin, a Brother of the Eagle, arrives with news that ten thousand spears and ten thousand wetlanders are to the north. Laerad, a Water Seeker, reports that eight thousand spears are to the south. It is all a trap. Maeric tells the blacksmith Hamal to try to get cube to work. Prepare to die.

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Graendal POV#

The last of the Jumai Shaido and all the Wise Ones go through the gateway and it closes. It is sunset. nar'baha means "fool box" in the Old Tongue. Sammael is laughing, but stares off. She drops her Mirror of Mists first.[8] He sent some Shaido ahead of Rand's army and scattered the rest from Illian to Ghealdan. He thinks their Wise Ones channeling will cause trouble, but not enough that anyone will suspect him. Graendal is surprised. He apparently did not realize that Sevanna took all the channelers with her. Is it time to give up on him? He says she is tied to him; she will rise or fall with him. If she tried to go back to the others Demandred and Semirhage have no mercy. Still, she will not be pulled down if he fails. They open gateways to Illian and Arad Doman. "But what if al'Thor comes after you himself?" Sammael laughs. "Al'Thor isn't going after anyone. All I have to do is wait."[9]

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Shaidar Haran POV#

He can see the residue of the gateways. He cannot tell the flows apart, but saidin and saidar smell different. Other Fades cannot smell the difference. He examines Sammael's bag, thinking much is happening outside the plan. He burns up a spear with black flames. He thinks that if Sammael serves chaos all is well. If not... He feels achy and weak, too long away from Shayol Ghul. He badly wants to find a way to sever that tie. He Travels with the edge of a shadow.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Tamra
[#2] Probably from the Ebou Dari *angreal stash.
[#3] Does he mean the sad bracelets or something else? Suroth now has the sad bracelets. (WH,Ch21)
[#4] It is not clear how much truth and how much lie there is in these statements. Rand does want to get rid of the Shaido. Egwene (not the Aes Sedai sworn to Rand) does teach the Wise Ones to Travel, but the timing is not clear and distance has nothing to do with Traveling.
[#5] The "fool boxes" are just pieces of stone. Sammael is creating the gateways.
[#6] Taking all of the channeling Wise Ones with her.
[#7] No specific indication of where this is.
[#8] Early printings call this weave Mask of Mirrors but it is being corrected to Mirror of Mists.
[#9] Sammael seems to know that Rand is hurt.

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